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Limited and the amount of money the government can spend on. Healthcare is finite Now this. Goes on to say three basic market clearing principles I cannot operate in a single. Payer system government was, forcibly kept demand at whatever level they're willing to supply that is to pay for it Death. Panels baby, death panels, the national health, service we're talking about this. In England so seventieth birthday this month the NHS experienced these problems from the start its first year the, service went well, over, its budget prime minister Clement Atlee even beg. Citizens not to? Overuse health services staff shortages caused in part by pay by low-pay have plagued. This system for decades NHA started recruiting. Doctors mass from India Pakistan Sri Lankans, in the sixties to. Address issued you know why because these guys. Making a buck a day we're going wow in my country I wanna make ten cents a month That's, exactly what was going on there nevertheless shortage and keep in mind they used, to say what. Was it and the English empire the sun never sets because at one point they ruled the world so all these places Pakistan India Sri Lanka these were all part of the Commonwealth so they could. Bring, these guys in no passport necessary commodity NBA, Dr bricklayer, but come on, it'd be a doctor. Nevertheless shortages persist one in eleven, NHS post is currently vacant. Did you hear that one in eleven the. Meaning they ain't, got people working there making people well. Helping people, sitting broken, arms no four, and five NHS staff were. Now that these vacancies jeopardize patient safety four and five how about six.

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