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I- descends bizarre. That I'm saying this about the person that did such things but I just hope that she has the right people around her because she will have gone from thinking about to be amazing to fuck. Life is really shoot if these actions do not sit well with your values the best action. You can take his indifference because I feel like people. They see in differences like a vote of approval alone. You know and that's why you get these kind of on line trumps comments or things like that because it doesn't have to be there all you if you don't slam someone online at doesn't necessarily mean you condone there and if you're indifferent to someone. I'm just to it. I won't post luck. Yeah exactly yes you can have. You can think that they've done. I think and it's part of this whole cancel culture as a whole really. I mean we've and it's a very neat thing and we don't really know how it works anymore. Because he's so new but we have created this new kangaroo court basically online. I don't think that's a bad thing. It's great that people getting out and the metoo movement came as a result of that and that's fantastic but it's sort of you know if you're gonNA compare it to. How crimes can rely your given a Punishment and whatever their punishment is and then that's the end of it and so in. Sherry's case you know. We sort of decided well. You should not be winning. Repulsed dragged rice and you probably should not be given the opportunity performing in venues. Yeah but I'm not gonNA gigs anymore. But also for the rest of her online or the rest of her life our online presence. He's going to be reminding her that this happened. And it's sort of like when you get on saying. Oh yeah the only the only thing I have to say is like in this case. I think that should actually be criminal. Repercussions those Jews have like. Yes yes like the initial person said. Hey I flagged this campus authorities multiple people and they said there's not enough for me to do something about it so they had to take it. I agree I should have done the rising and and so I think in some ways when I view these actions that should be a criminal legal reprecussions for this the fact that you just got disqualified from a competition and potentially have to change careers you. It might be actually a lucky. In my opinion. You know you the fact that that wasn't taken more seriously by exists idiots. What point does that person serve their punishment and and and the reason is because this is a very new and culture and we don't we don't know what that endpoint something I've thought about while this was happening is the something to keep in mind. Is The online bullying. Trolling is a different thing. To the cancel culture it can be a byproduct of it. It's not necessarily the same thing. Cancel Culture is people minorities have been pushed aside and listen to finally having the voice to push back against corporations and make their voices and the dollar count. It's exactly what say about if you don't like it. Say something about it and don't watch cancel. Culture is this way of groups of people of Color. Lgbtq A. Plus community members saying. I'm not going to support you. You have to do something about this or y'all don't get my money. The offshoot of that of being online bullying and trolling. That's something that needs to be dealt with yet. I guess what the thing is is that what is what usually follows cancer coach and I just don't I don't want anyone suicidal. I don't think anyone in the world should be in a place where their life is just tormented for the rest of their life. I guess it's yeah you're right. It is two separate things but the bullying often follows that that initial scene. That should be happening and I hate going lumping them together put together but I just separate them out and let's let's work on the way that we fully pay online. Let's work on the way I joke about season to season a catfish. I didn't get to use it season. Five with season of fish Talk I'm sorry I'm sorry but let's be kind to one another using your voice. Online is a really important thing which never stopped doing that but having.

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