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At one. Oh, seven an explosion. Inside a box truck. Shook up some people on a block and Boyle heights Friday afternoon happened around five forty five when something possibly a propane tank inside the truck for some reason exploded. No one was injured. I thought it was a bomb. Other people to like, I was a bomb a bomb went off. You know, everyone was just kind of looking around some lady screaming is everybody. Okay. Drivers of the truck had no idea what caused the explosion. They say the truck is used to recycle scrap metal the LAPD says it appears that this was an accident. And that there was no criminal intent and investigation underway. The California Supreme Court has blocked governor Brown's attempts to issue a pardon. It was intended for Thirty-seven-year-old Cambodian refugee who killed a woman, and when he was fourteen the court gave no reason for the rejection, but earlier noted that it only have the authority to do. So in the case of an abuse of power, a pardon would have halted the man's deportation to Cambodia experts as appears that the last time a court rejected the governor's pardon occurred. Back in nineteen thirty no comment from the governor California tied with Texas this year for sentencing, the most people to death seven people got that sentence in each state, but the death. Penalty Information Center says fewer people now in the state are being sent to death row. Generally, speaking support for the death penalty public support for the death penalty has been on a steady decline since the nineteen nineties Gallup measured support for the death penalty in the nineteen nineties eighty percent and this year it measured in fifty six percent. Sitter executive director, Robert Dunn says jurors are not recommending death is much and prosecutors are much more selective when pursuing it. He says most of the state death sentences are given in southern California. He says jurors are probably aware that the state has an executed anyone in twelve years and are likely to recommend death as a symbolic punishment teenagers tip that another student had a gun in class may have averted a tragedy at corona high school. Police sergeant chat fountain says at the school resource officer took action right away. Student did have a loaded Glock handgun on his person. I don't know what is intentions were. But he never had the chance to pull it out. We got the information and took action. For any of that happened. Luckily, the teenage boy under arrest investigators working to find out where he got the gun and why he had with him on campus. Well, months after a cyclist was struck by a car nearly died on the tuna canyon road officials unveil safety improvements along that stretch of road and son Val. There's new striping rumble strips and the passing lane here along a mile stretch of tuna canyon road is gone all to discourage unsafe passing and to get drivers to slow down slower. Forty five years so nice for everybody. I'm I'm happy. Keith Jackson says he's also happy to be alive after a car. Struck him as he wrote his bike here and left him for dead. I'm woke up six weeks.

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