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Us right now We have two lines open 312981 72 100 on the phone with us is pet expert Steve Dale. You can hit his website Steve Dale Pet world dot com. You know that I have a dog. Wrigley is his name. I have to ask you before we take calls. He still When he comes out in the front yard, Steve, everything is OK. He listens. But if he sees another dog, he's running everywhere in a run in the street. I just don't want him to run into the street. How do I get him to stop doing that? How did he get you to step in, at least least, least, really, you know, And and then and then what we do is we begin training the dog. The most important thing. Any dog can learn because dogs sometimes do head in the wrong direction. It could be dangerous for them than it is to teach your dog to come. That we begin by doing it indoors and you do it without any distractions in front of the fridge where your dog knows I'm going to get the most amazing food and a little and then a little further a little further around the corner. And then when your daughter gets distracted, playing with your son or something, and then you can call your dog to come and then out in the backyard, But on a long leash that you've given by online, err and any pet store, got it Or you could create a long lead of your own. The point is Do it inside. First without distraction than with distraction inside than outside without distractions than outside with distractions that step by, step by step. All right, one other question. We have a chair in front of our front window that Ridley would sit on and just stare out the window and watch the world go by while that chair is gone, and now we have a new chair. And he still wants to get up in the chair. How do we break that habit? You don't want him to be up on the chair. We don't want him to be in the new chair because it's a new chair provide. Can you provide something else that he could? Apparently your dog like? Looking out the window and cannot get a good view about a chair. So there's there's something else you can provide. Well, here's the point there long windows, so he doesn't need to be in the chair. He could get a look around. Yeah, OK, OK. So you could put like sticky tape on that chair, something of that nature to see if that will keep Ridley off the chair and also make sure that something really good on the ground right there. Maybe a toy stuffed with food that doesn't do it alone and something on the chair to make it uncomfortable to sit there. And Wrigley says, Why don't we have here? This doesn't feel so put the treats their before we leave. On the chair. No, not on the chair on the on the floor. I'm sorry. My brain's working ahead. So if I have So what you can't do it occurs mostly when you leave the house. You can. I don't know how big the Cherries but turn the chair on its side or something so really cannot possibly get up there once. A number of weeks go by. That number depends from dog a dog but for me to buy your dogs out of the habit of doing it, and then you're fine. Got it. OK, let's go to Bonnie Body. What is your question for Steve? Dale? You're on the air. Hi. I have a question. I think I have a dog with having separation anxiety, but not for my husband or I because we're there at home or not. We're not. We're retired way had His mom. An 11 year old lab took off four weeks ago and we haven't found her yet. Never Ever since she took off. He have been a totally different dog. Pail of down between his legs. Almost all the time. I looked that up on the Internet that the sad tale Sure. And then he eats him his appetite. He's a lab, so his appetite is gone, but he doesn't want to go out and fetch He only wants to go outside of the US go to the bathroom. Um and I'm I'm debating whether I should take him to the bed. Well, I mean, how old is the dog? At nine. So it's over, but body and if you haven't seen the veterinarian and more than a couple of months, there's no harm in doing that. Certainly convey something wrong. Also white with people if you get terribly upset, anxious That is likely or more likely to bring on a medical issue. We know that human beings and the same is true with dogs, so you'd want to rule that out. But I would not be surprised if this dog is simply lonely, upset a best for a bus find their going away. We know that Doug's greed I hope is that the dog is microchip that you lost and I pray that you're able to get that dog back. Not only not only for your dog steak, but for that dog stake into your family. Yeah. Okay. I'm going to maybe called us that and let him just check him over. And because this tale being down has got me that old. How long? How long is available? How long has it been, buddy? For a week. It's been a month. Steve. How long does it usually does it usually take with dogs to get over something like that? There's no answer to that. Because just like with people, it really does very well. Don't be quite a while, you know, Having said that. What you described to economic firmly at the only issue in the dog's acting in every way. OK, other than the tale being down, there could be another reason to that. That would be medical. Any number of reasons. Come to my nine. So yes, here, veterinarian and boy Oh, boy, I sure hope you find your dog and if it turns out to be incidently That there is nothing wrong with your dog, Which would be good. The best therapy for you and your dog Might pee play, taking a tennis ball and seeing our squeaky tight and seeing if you can get your dog a bit. Just give him love. Let's go to Denise Denise, in Lockport. You're on with Steve. Dale. What's your question? Thank you so much for taking my call. I just adopted a rescue pup. She is the boxer Mix 10 weeks old and part of adoption is that they would spay her before releasing the animals, and she was just stayed Wednesday..

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