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That's a very that's a very parochial point of view, because of course, five jeez. Wide spreading South Korea. Is it? I think so I was Furthermore, I don't know if it's that widespread. I mean, they all more widespread than here, which is. Ero? Have any five G one time is by twenty twenty three an entire thirty two percent of the US population. We'll have access to five G. But in two years one thirty. I bet does. Number South Korea, launches five G, but only for enterprise users initially, but there disputing forevermore, pardon me has didn't Qualcomm just launched their five g mobile chat. That's respect. Ship. Yeah. I suspect that might be the they're waiting on. I mean that just happened this week. Right. Right. Furthermore, what Chinese giant makes five G gear that is currently being spanked all around the world. Whole while way. And I thought well, gee, this almost sounds like Samsung might make five G networking gear for carriers. They do. Oh, competitive opportunity to grab market share who so five G routers and five G. Let's see the S K, South Korea. Telecom provider offers five G. There's actually two service providers. They both have spectrum. I guess it's coming soon sooner there than here. I'm not clear outside you gotta figure out if it's mobile five G, or if it's just them using five t like for is -lanta provide enterprise customers with five G in Bussan in Chon dig. Enterprise on show Guangzhou and Assan that's fixed mobile or fixed..

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