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Martin says it's going to be a weekend to pay attention to the weather certainly tomorrow, especially he says today will be sunny to partly cloudy. Get up to about eighty one degrees. Isolated showers and storms approaching after midnight. And then rain and thunderstorms likely. Tomorrow was impossibly severe weather with possibility of damaging winds and hail temperature seventy four Sunday, widely scattered showers and storms some clearing during the afternoon, but then another round of storms possible on Sunday night, Monday will be clearing and temperatures backup into the upper seventies to low eighties right now. It's fifty three degrees in grapevine fifty four in Frisco and fifty two in McKinney. You're listening to real news and information in the morning with David Glenn Beck, and I'm coming up next live and nine from Dallas Fort Worth with my thoughts and opinions on the big stories of the day. It's the Glenn Beck program right here. Five seventy K. Now. I f. Friday morning bell Friday morning for a variety of reasons. Most of all because we figured we're overdone done with the week. You can just go on and kind of Slough off today. Right. People leave do people still leave work early on Friday, people still take three hour lunches. I don't know. But also because it's time for Franks we tick with one guy's opinion on the new movies opening up. Good morning. Franklin start with a remake pet cemetery place range brings things. Happy. Well, what about it? This is was originally made adapted in nineteen eighty nine from Stephen king's nineteen Eighty-three novel. And it's basically about a an Indian burial ground. That has the weird power to resurrect things that are buried in. It the first thing that we see buried in it as a family cat, and it comes back rather malevolent and then later on one of the children in the family, and I'm not gonna say which one because there's some changes that are made from the novel here, but one of the children from the family dies in his buried there and comes back as well with particularly gruesome results, this is very efficiently made horror film. It has a lot of what we would call jump shots. If you know what I mean, it creates a very creepy atmosphere. But I found it a film. It was very unpleasant to sit through simply because it's so neat Listrik in Nazi and. Especially the ending which is changed here from the book is really downbeat and kind of ugly. I found this is I say a chore to sit through it does deliver a lot of shocks. It will make people jump in their seats. It does have a creepy atmosphere, and it has very good performance by John Lithgow crotchety old neighbor, but I didn't much enjoy watching this movie other people might feel differently. But I think it goes too far really is a Downer. Okay. They don't understand. You know, you get one of the most successful prolific and popular authors novelists in history of novels, and you go change the ending of his story..

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