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I have guidance copied them on video and i have a very carefully learn what so since once they schumer wanted to be a game if y get hurt in game by guy were busted his why he didn't get cracked in any yes absolutely my name is nasty wins nasty nasreen am joe and chop no drop and that was it shows the air and thomas the drop to touch the very shop was it yeah all right it is easier watching the team you route four lose a game before you are in existence like his there i have experience i experience with john daly for my team i was all of it that's the problem the tell you did you go to titans games before they were jeff with a one tighten game i actually saw them play the anada kansas city chiefs the dallas texans i believe was la 62 clap their hands dawson was actually the quarterback you know he was actually going to back it up he added offiah golf yet how many jeb trained could i actually know that they not only with the times but they started little agrout and i wanna take my first jiji i would say to sue because i'll never forget zipoli first jiji game ever went to glenn cummings defense will 65 first gigantic and went to his native 1963 breusov played a browns at the stadium are my god it lost thirty i i tell 35 24 dick lynch had interception return for a touchdown jimmy brown at a big game.

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