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Everybody must be kind of in Lewisville that we need a new kicker. Yeah. They're they're holding. We did lose we tied. They're holding tryouts actually right now. Nobody's calling in. Yeah. Rarity. It's very very rare. Yeah. Okay. What kind of mammals sweeps with one eye open others? Very interesting. It did not realize this. Okay. I'll give you a hand. Okay. It's in in the sea. It's in the sea mammal mammal Awale, man. Well, no, it's not a whale adult adult fan. Okay. And sleep with one eye open. Isn't that interesting? That is very interesting. I don't know. I how do you actually sleep before? When is open because like if you look at the way there is are there. Yeah. Yeah. So this I gets height. Oh, no. I'm just saying because I I assume they keep an eye open for like predators and stuff, right? I really sleeping then. I don't know. Anyway. Yeah. I don't know. But yeah, they're very interested in like, you say, I don't know how anything because your brain the purpose of sleep. It is to rest your brain. Right. You know, your body can keep going keep going. Your brain has. What is like you bet if we don't they go Kuku? Okay. Get calls. All right. Still getting calls on people. The FDA statement that key nine heart disease and terrain deficiency and potential dietary causes so dad's doctor Jean dad's response to this. And I want you to what you're gonna do. You're going to go to Dr d our gene Dodds DOD s pet health resource. Okay dot com. Okay. You what you gotta do. Is you got to look up and do your own reading and your own gathering of information. Because there's all Brady there are no there is no research. It said it had been done. This just seemed to be like a correlation that they're looking into but Cowdrey cardiomyopathy and dogs eat grain free. And basically what they think that it is a tree deficiency. So you can add extra terrain not your dog's diet. They usually like, Dr Jessica Levy would say whatever it says for a human cut it in half for a dog unless you got a small dog than cut it back again. But so the thing is is that that taurine T A U R I an E deficiency is what they're kind of looking into for the cardiomyopathy. And they think that with a grain freeze with the lentils legumes such like that that'd be that could be causing some of the the way we were the way we absorb that and such so anyway, so Dr keen a Dodds doctor, and then G E A N Dodds DOD s pet health resource blog old go check that out. Google Nancy as whole home homeopath pet H E M O P E. Neutra scan homeopathic meet your skin. So check that out homeopathic and go from there. Okay. And then dogs that eat their own doodoo array people it all comes down to diet. It's a lot of times it just happens in puppyhood and their system never recovers from all the stress and the vaccinations, and and if they were ever on antibiotics never put on probiotics replay pledge that good stuff. So that's why dogs to eat their own do's or the dogs. Do choose. What you wanna do? Is you want to change the food anyone to change it often? Maybe every two weeks you change in the formula. If your dog has never had in and if you're eating grain fruit free as long as you dog doesn't have you know, on version or analogy, then try maybe like Neutra sources got beef and trout, I mean, beef and rice, and then they got lamb and rice and credit stay away from chicken. Because most pet foods are most puppy foods chicken. And then in that rotated in and out if they can get a chicken allergies. So I would try, you know, the beef lamb the venison the Turkey and things like that. Now Turkey have can't even tell you. How many people say, well, how can I be Turkey? Isn't it like chicken folks does Turkey tastes like chicken? They're two different birds. Yes, they have feathers. Same mcguckin? Doc, doesn't taste like chicken. Okay. It has feathers all k-, so duck chicken and Turkey had three different animals. All right. They all have feathers, but the different animals, so what you wanna do is. I would have changed their diet and then rotated by the pound bags found banks. And if the dog has never had this before then rotated the new stuff, but once his had it. And it goes back into rotation. Then you just open the bag of feed it, but I would add a good probiotic. You could do that P B H health food store. Paul Betty, eight Gardiner life dot com has a great one vital planet dot com. They have good ones. Then then. Yeah, I would do a digestive enzyme which is different than probiotic. And then you might even want to add a whole food to it. A whole food supplement animals central's dot com is another one. So you gotta do you do diligence gotta add up change up their diet. I would add some raw, you know, maybe two evenings a week to their dogs diet this eating the do do's because you got to replenish, usually little what the dog is by eating the duties sound gross to us. But they're looking for his enzymes too because a gut is telling them, they, hey, you're low here nasty dogs will Rava doodoo duck doodoo, dear doodoo things like that. They're looking for enzymes replanted the enzymes in their stomach that they're lacking due to something. Whether it's something like, I said, the stress when you're a puppy, and they just never bounced back from there and believe it or not that's what can happen. So I tell out of my puppy people in classes at my right away. Don't wait for something to go wrong. What I do is get him on a good brand. Probiotic a good. Digestive enzyme, a whole food supplement some fish oil or some. Plankton so vital plankton is really good. A for some of the Amiga threes and sixes we want to find alternative routes omega threes and sixes not just rely on fish oil for the heavy metal content. Okay. But anyway, so hopefully that will help you a little bit. So. Whoops. Oh, she's. She's on the phones we gotta wait for her. So yeah. And then also like I said, try checkup canine expire change dot org. I I was really impressed with their website there. They just had a little advertisement on on on the radio here. And so if you're into therapy dogs and stuff like that, you might be interested in that. All right. So and then also another plug for how pounds in hops that'll be next Saturday September twenty second. I'm going to be there at the source booth as going to be the hop is from eleven to three is ten dollars in advance our ten dollars in advance. Fifteen dollars at the door under five is free. And then from five to thirteen is. Five dollars. Okay. Okay. We can start a question. Oh, okay. Okay. All right. So we're going to go with Diane. Diane has a question about how much apple cider vinegar to us with a twelve pound dog say that again. How much apple cider vinegar says she used for twelve pound dog? All right. Yeah. It was good. Okay. Hi, diane. How're you doing? I think yoga you want Ganic apple cider vinegar. Alright stuff with a in it yet with the mother in it. Okay. And then for a twelve Pounder you I will give them like a half a teaspoon. No more than a teaspoon. I'm gonna real tease for not your version of a teaspoon. But started out with the state, you know, a couple of drops on the food and mix it any member dogs. Don't have taste buds that will like we do. You know, we think of that apple cider vinegar and you just start rookie. But they don't have taste buds. They only got like nine hundred taste buds compared to ours. I think we have seven thousand as so that's why like I said, they don't they don't taste it. But what they do notice is the smell of something. Okay. So then, but otherwise I would have a teaspoon to no more than a teaspoon. Teaspoon. Okay..

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