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Talk radio that you control 6032836160 going to talk about whatever you want with you tonight, it's aria. Money and if they were in is regaling us with a story that have been Sunday here, and you have sure where you visited along with 17 other people the governor's house in new fields. Where there are police waiting for you. Oh, yes. All you guys attempted to Are you girls and other whatever All you tried to do was sing some songs. Over. Some would say, sign holding going on as well. But some song did occur. The Shire choir did have three songs that were performed out in front of Sununu's house. And No, we did like, five, but no, We only did 30. Yeah, they're lengthy and you get all the way through them. We did okay through all and it looked pretty bad in the second song. So the first song went completely, you know, fine. And then there was the second song that we were singing and these air Covad Carol's. If you would like to download the lyrics. You can do that over a TKO vid dot freaking calm and that'll take you to the covert Carole song sheets that you can download. So if you wanna try this at home you can you can go on your own covert caroling if you would like, but during the second song It was like pretty tense because five more state police cruisers rolled up so they were already in his driveway. There were at least five cruisers. And then across the street. There were at least another three, so they were probably have a minimum of eight cruisers. And I also including the undercover cars that were there as well in his driveway that you know, like the black obvious undercover vehicles. That's because in New Hampshire, it's illegal for them have unmarked vehicles, isn't it? I've never heard that. Okay. I don't know if that's what they get is close to not being visibly, Marcus thing. In fact, I've been pulled over by an unmarked car. So yeah, I'm certain that there are no cars in New Hampshire. Um, anyway, so during the second song, things got pretty tense because five more state police cruisers rolled in and just started parking around the outside of this circle that we were in. And they all gathered as we're saying, we're still singing, you know, Verse three or whatever this song and these cops. They're sort of forming like a phalanx this line of cops and they started walking towards us. While we were still singing, and they stopped. As though they it looked as though they were going to do something like that. You know, my my adrenaline was starting starting to pump like there's a lot of cops coming this way, and they didn't continue advancing. They stopped and kind of fell back. Toe where they've come from and just stood there. We went through another song. At that point, we did a third song. It's so curious how drastically different the cops reaction was Sunday to when it was the first time you went in December. For the first time people went in December or there's been multiple times legislation after the ban on picketing, you mean yeah, yeah, very different, In fact, widely different, because apparently, you know there were a couple again. There were a couple of other visits that the protesters had in the month of January that I didn't know about her attend or whatever that were also unmolested by the police. In this case, they definitely looked like they wanted to molest us. They were coming at us. They They have the You could see the big rolls of zip ties that they had on their belts. Right. So they were. They were ready to go. They had like it did seem like they were ready to do something because Frank was saying, like, Oh, they're they're saying they're going to give us all a ticket, and they said that they were getting ready to hand out tickets. But and I was getting kind of creeped out when I heard him say that they had slept eyes, But when we started singing, it's like they stopped. Yeah, I don't know if it was I want to give credit to the singing. I mean, because that's what I want to believe is what stopped these guys. Either that or they never had the intention to ticket us in the first place. And they thought they were just going to scare us off. You know, they thought maybe if they started marching toward us that we would leave, we didn't We stood our ground and sang another song in full and then decided And you know, it kind of looked at each other. And, like, all right, well, it's cold and I want to go and we've kind of done what we came here to do like we made our appearance. We said some things we held signs. We sang some songs. It's time to go. So we started packing up and as we're like, I'm loading up my tripod into the car. Um Frank, Who's the guy behind absolute defiance? Here in New Hampshire? Frank Footloose staples he started said We all know him is to put Lucy I didn't even know we had a real name are our listeners really don't know him at all? But But if you've been watching some of these videos, you you know who he is. Anyway, he approached the police and was starting to, like, Give them a raft of s, Basically, you know, over not ticketing because he was he was asking. He said, Give us what we came here for. We want ticket. I'm like, Yeah, I don't want tickets. I'm not interested in a ticket. I don't like I'm getting in the car. That is absolute defiance for whatever it's worth, and I appreciate him. You know, he I think the reason he really wanted one was because he wasn't there. The night that everybody had the crackdown happened. So he, for whatever reason, he wasn't able to make it. He doesn't have his own car. So usually has to, you know, resort to taking a ride from somebody so he couldn't get a ride. I don't think that night. And so I think he was bummed because he didn't get one of the original nine tickets that was issued. We'll also cause he said they're like unconstitutional and he could suing cost them more money. Yeah, he wants to. He wants to fight this ticket. I would be disappointed if the founder of Absolute Defiance did it all right. So he's up sort of Lino. He's gotten close to the police, right. And I'm seeing this happen from as I'm packing up the car, you get my number back out. So yeah. You know, I grabbed the camera and, like, all right, I'm gonna go walk over. Bonnie stayed in the car to keep the car running and keep the keys just in case something happened to me and nobody and nobody was also there with with the two of us. We'd all car pulled out so nobody and I walk up to this scene and as we're arriving They start putting him in handcuffs. And so I got video from both Frank Cell phone because Frank was recording good for him, Right? Like he's good at this Hey, was recording the whole interaction with the police in which the police she is supposedly the police chief of new fields. New Hampshire threatens Frank with arrest for disorderly conduct. And Frank says, Well, why? Why? You know what do you Why are you going to arrest me? If you keep talking loudly, the police chief says or something to that effect. He basically says, if you speak too loudly, we're going to arrest you. So it wasn't that somebody complained about all the notes because that was what they originally told us at one of the protests in December was you guys have to stop making all this noise? Because a neighbor complained. They didn't say that. In this case, they just said we're going to arrest you for disorderly conduct for talking too loud. And so Frank's response is basically why I'm always talking loud. This is my normal tone of voice. Are you saying you're going to arrest me? For, you know, my normal tone of voice and you know, they never don't think you really ever got a straight answer out of him, except that they did intend to arrest him for using a loud voice..

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