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You're listening to a special inside outside guys show live from Eastern Michigan Distributors your go to for all your roofing, inciting supplies. Now, here's Ken Calve early and special Guest co host Good Morning, everybody and walk until the weekend and another edition of housing information you can trust. With the inside outside, guys. My name is can't terribly and I am the outside guy. And and and I'm Joe Gannon, the appliance guy. You're gonna be the inside guy to today, Joe. Okay. Do whatever you want. Whatever you want, we'll do it. You are very agreeable. My partners is agreeable is useless. So we have The legend Dr. Joe Gannon is sitting in for Chuck. Brian Stein. Today. The inside guy. He is actually at a his God daughter's wedding. He could miss that, of course, and he's blessed to be her godfather. Well, he's very family oriented. He has really He absolutely absolutely is. So we're gonna have a great day today. Tell people we're at Joe. Were at Eastern Michigan distributors which distribute all sorts of things. And maybe I took a drive before anybody got here this morning. To the back 40, you know, way back way back, and they let you back there. I got lost behind some timbers. But I found my way out and I tell you, it's quite a outfit. And I just met this gentleman who started this business 1954. He's here today to a CZ Well, He's on the cooker there. Yeah, he's grilling today. He's grilling today, So we've got an opportunity to do a programme and I'm so pleased to be joining you. And even though I can't mail two pieces of wood together, you're going to teach me in the next two hours. That's okay. Joe. My wife won't let me touch it apply. That's okay too. But anyways, I'm looking forward to the next two hours and Tony Butler is here. He's been there at Juilliard for along time. 35 years, five years. He was there when I was there. Let's put it that way. We're in great hands, and we got Michael Pierce here..

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