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Completely eat like black walnut trees. And there's another type of tree had looked up it is it's it's got spots on it with a red back and they are fast as bad word side. They're fast as hell and go to kill it and it just moves and they're they completely eat all the trees and vegetation. they'll destroy anything so our communities have told us to kill them immediately when you see them but they're getting out of control and check this out the land live. Wow we just have murder hornets up. Here it's around. The house comes to remodeling and renovating home a lot. This is around the house. Welcome to around the house with eric g and caroline jones. Mcveigh's thanks for joining us today. Carolina and i are in the studio welcome caroline. Hey everyone happy week had all do survived it again and you and i have been so jammed busy and you know i can tell when. We're jam busy. When i have already blasted through my one terabyte of comcast xfinity internet without watching movies or downloading staff. When i've seen that we've blown that up already in a month and it's middle a month. I know that it's been a busy time. Yeah we've got a lot of content a lot of things going on like how about the skibo this week. I mean. I got eric the national well. Actually you know what i found out. It wasn't a national ski ball championship. It was a rematch so it was like this like preliminary matchup because i guess they couldn't have it last year so that was like a rematch. Technically i think the national titles still belongs to lawn futterman but Joey the cat tried to pull out a A win and he did. What an amazing game like ski. Bobby honest i. I'm on the west coast here on the east coast so we have different games and stuff that go on. I mean i have seen this chucky cheese. I've seen in the county fair. But to be honest i've never walked into an adult facility and saw this the mike. Wow this is the real deal. I mean i've seen like cornhole an axe throwing and some of the other stuff out there. I actually in us last week. Did not know this was a thing but it's going to go. They're trying to build it up to and make it like an espn event and it was actually fascinating it for those of you. Who don't know ski bowl. Basically rolling balls right up his alley and typically you see them at the boardwalk rate or maybe some great adventure will have them and where. There's you know entertainment right. Amusement parks that and so i learned this word. It's called hyundai gam- no right and that's when you score the little hundreds in the corner and i'm like what is the hundred like that's like now. It's like the word of the week. I was shocked at how detailed this was because it was so detailed. i had a first time watcher. It was hard to go okay. Well that's what all these combinations you could get. A bonus was a hippo fish. Yeah i was like what is this. It was kinda cool. It was different. I'm like that would be kind of fun in a bar. You know. I mean i get that. That was what that was but it was like that. Is something different. This cat who was like the national championship. He rolls these up into the fifty whole. So your role in these balls like he's a machine and he just keeps rolling up pop them in pop them in it. Oh my god gay for like two and a half hours. It didn't it. I mean it was like a whole match thing. This was like watching. This was the ski ball soccer match. You know where it was like all right now. we're going into round three three it out. It was like a bar. So they're having this thing and there's all these people cheering and holding up like those giant fat heads with each of the national champions heads. And i mean it's it's really fun. It was fun fun stuff to watch so it was on now. Who's crazy. five thousand four watching it on youtube. That's a lot. I was impressed. I was impressed tonight. Yeah let's get them on for the mid week. We'll we'll find out the inside details on this. And by the way if you're listening to the radio mid week specials where you catch the podcast which you can do anywhere you catch podcasts or just order website around the house online dot com today carolyn and i were talking about talking about exterior projects a little bit because some that we haven't really done a deep dive into and awhile and talk about doing some of those exterior things and i had a funny story this last week. That was kind of funny. And i was haven't even told caroline this story that i was going to tell her that story. So that's how crazy this says got pictures of. It's all posted up on the on the facebook page. But we're moving Julius oldest dodder my wife's oldest daughter from one apartment to the other this last week and of course as every twenty year old she miraculously picks the degree data to do the move. But that's just murphy's law. So i was sweating to the oldies but i love the kids. Do you just gotta go along for the ride on this stuff. So we do that. Do the move. But i'm like where all these squirrels go into this apartment. She was in. I was shocked and mike. Where are they going. And there's this like rock eighties rockwall with the athol cannock rockwall. That's all with mortar in it. These squirrels are running up on. Like where are they going. There is a hole about the size of my fist and it was like the world's biggest multifamily squirrel nest in it where they chewed through the soft in the bill where he moving into a house. Bill there was shoes. Moving out of and there is what there was is. There is a staircase and there was a cover that came down over the staircase and this was the end wall there. That was holding up the staircase so when you walked down the stairs there is a kind of a wall to keep the rain and stuff from coming. It was in that an wall that whole probably what sixteen foot high wall was packed. Full of squirrels. And i got a really cool picture of of the squirrels head poking out of it i mean i was. I'm like okay. Guys what's funny is is. This thing is literally twenty feet from the main office store. And i'm like i've been standing here looking for five minutes and standing here just paying attention to what's going on and it was that quick. I'm gonna show carolina picture here because this getting it on his phone. I get on my phone here because this was so there's a squirrel the set out a monkey monkey head. Oh my god he's saying now. Let's see that's the thing. That's one of the biggest things when you're talking exterior projects. It is so smart just to walk outside in spend half hour staring at. What's going around your house. One hundred percent and even to do it in a rainstorm or to do it in some kind of torrential downpour is even better because then you see something coming over the gutter. Is the roof leaking right. I mean you need to do these things because we just sort of ignore it and it tells you a lot about what's going on inside for sure absolutely absolutely it's one of those things that you see it and it's for instance i like to out and i can. I can watch. How stand out like right now outside. Go out on a sunny day in spend fifteen twenty minutes and look. What do i see. Oh wow there's a wasp nest up there or hornets desktop. Or you'll see you'll see stuff going on and you're like oh i gotta deal with that. Hey that woodpeckers attack tacking that part of the house. I've got to places of woodpecker damage on the outside of my house where they're attacking it in so the same kind of thing you get that rain all of a sudden with the rain coming down. You're like oh man that gutters who flowing. I never saw that or even worse. I've got a pool of water. That's going to drain away pretty.

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