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The top fifty cities pretty much. The the the moral of this of heaviest drinkers. It's a bunch of places nobody wants to live and there's nothing else to do so you get drunk to deal with it so there's fort collins is on the list so there's like seventeen north dakota town. Yeah there is trying to south dakota call. I know but i don't know twenty three percent of Adults say that they drink excessively from fort collins which we all know that that's probably like forty six percents taking. This poll is not being honest. real quick. Let's get the week in review see. Here's what we learned. Chris would editor publisher with biz west. Yes banner health Last week suing the city of greeley in well county district court alleging that one of the healthcare providers ambulance unit should have been awarded a contract to continue as the city. Emergency medical service transport company and asking a court to award them the contract so A very significant thing here the the city. This is. I'm sorry this a banner health Acting as north colorado medical center of suing the city of greeley as well at former city manager roy auto a former city purchasing manager. Doug clap and fire chief. Brian acoustic return trip reporting nine news. With more people will get back into the more. You're going to see more breakthrough. I think what the state is is noting in the state hopefully by today or tomorrow to get some more information on breakthrough state announced last week. That they're gonna sort of publicizing these breakthrough cases and what. They're seeing hospitals super valuable on a statewide level. I think you're gonna give me clearly. You're going to see breakthrough cases in some cases are going to result the hospitalization and some breakthrough cases are going to result in death. It doesn't mean the vaccines not effective. It just means that the vaccines and one hundred percent effective but when you start to see lots and lots of people in the vast majority of people in the icu vast majority people are still dying. Right now are unvaccinated. That tells you something with colorado joining us right now. This is basically you know a school Really standing up to the county health department and It's getting kind of ugly to be quite a to be quite honest very difficult path. Not only for the county health department. Also as i said before the school administrators because again You see how many protests are either. You know pro master. Anti master pro vaccination anti vaccination again so we can review thanks to ryan kelly for putting them together. Fellows feel good friday. thanks for that. I appreciate that i need. I need that this. Congratulations tanner relations. Tanner appreciate it. Happened jeeva have gb. It's friday baby too. Good fred is better. darn right. Kajiba jake tanner go to the game. Thanks for joining us. It's been now here on a friday. Clark coach kevin up next. Keep it locked right here on northern colorado voice one one and thirteen ten kfi sale..

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