Thirteen Fourteen Years, Ten Fifteen Years discussed on Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais


Hostile and a high consequence environments would be where i spend most of my time so that takes about i don't thirteen fourteen years of training and then at that point still not knowing anything really really how the application of things work so it took another ten fifteen years for me to sort out making lots of mistakes along the way unfortunately we all do to sort out how the mind works in hustle and rug environment so that's just a quick little snip of where my training comes from which is allowed me to ask questions based on research based on framework based on you know staying on the shoulders of literal giants in the field of psychology so that's why when you hear these questions they are coming from a place not just you know like a random thought like oh let me ask you about something there's there's a hopefully purpose behind what we're doing in the whole idea behind these conversations is to learn from people who are on the path of mastery to better understand what they're searching for to work the understand their framework like how do they make sense of the world how do they make sense of people around that what is their perspective important of you in their world view and then we also want to dig and make sure we understand the mental skills that have helped them refine their craft okay how are you doing on nutrition and in order to reach optimal health eating well is important period there's no to questions about it yet the foundation of all health and performance begins not just with what you eat but the nutrients that you absorb and that you keep so slight deficiencies in even one or two or a handful of essential nutrients or your ability to absorb them can have a massive impact on energy and performance and quality of life and long term health and you know.

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