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Of missing out in fear of crashing. But here's the thing. Fear is an emotion. It's not an investment strategy. If you're making your own investment decisions emotion plays a role, whether or not you realize it so make twenty eighteen year that you kick fear out of your portfolio. Make an appointment with Financial Engines advisor today and get a solid logical financial plan for your future. One that helps take some of the fear out of the equation because self is for gurus, not your financial security in retirement. Get Financial Engines dot com today. Hi, I'm Scott bueller. Financial Engines here in Nashville and Murphy's borough. I'm ready to work with you to help. Make your financial goals a reality. Go to Financial Engines dot com or call six one five seven seven eight three two three two today. Have you ever spent a night on organic cotton sheets? If you have you've probably never slept better. Hi, I'm Scott Tannen, founder of Boll and branch. We make the softest most comfortable one hundred percent organic cotton sheets. You will ever sleep on? You can't buy our sheets in store only on our website because we only sell them online at bollandbranch dot com. Our sheets cost less than half of designer brands and are twice the quality. You won't believe how comfortable one hundred percent organic cotton sheets can feel until you try bollandbranch hundreds of thousands of Americans love bollandbranch sheets, including three US presidents. Don't just take my word for it. Sleep on our sheets risk free for a month. If they're not the most comfortable you've ever slept on you can send them back for a refund. Plus if you order right now, we'll give you fifty dollars off your first set of sheets, plus free shipping at bollandbranch dot com. Promo code breast, spelled B O L L, andbranch dot com. Promo code rest. Bollandbranch dot com, promo code. Rest..

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