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Ninety five also running very well between the eleventh street bridge and oxen cove in Crawford WTOP traffic let's get a look at your Easter forecast with NBC for Samara Theodore good evening Samara Hey everyone so overnight temperatures are dropping into the forties for your Easter Sunday things will actually be pretty quiet throughout the area during the daytime hours lots of clouds building highs in the low seventies and maybe an isolated shower but I it'll be a pretty quiet day until sunset comes and then things start to change the storm system moves in brings heavy rain overnight by Monday morning strong to severe storms are possible through your Monday afternoon another round of strong to severe storms are possible as well now as we it through tomorrow as I said near seventy Monday get this will be a near eighty degrees for your Tuesday much cooler upper fifties partly sunny Wednesday mostly cloudy rain chances with highs in the upper forties fifteen that is for forty five in Frederick and forty six in Silver Spring so far thank you very much eleven fifty on the B. T. O. P. we may have seen the worst when it comes to the death toll from corona virus but we are far from being out of the woods models now projecting a death toll of about sixty thousand people by August now early models you may recall have that number between one hundred and two hundred thousand people WTOP's Dimitri service talked about the new models with Washington post national correspondent Philip bump to the university of Washington as a group which has done some extensive modeling even at the statewide level in terms of how many hospitalizations.

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