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CBS news Our urgent care centers make things simple we let you. Get ahead, by checking in remotely from wherever you are just download the Mayan. Spirit apps, and you can find your closest location you wait times again in mind before. You even arrive and whether it's. For Kohl's, sprains fiscal's our flu shots you're guaranteed to see Dr every time with convenient locations across the region. In spirit urgent care is in it, for you visit our website or download the Mayan spirit app and we serve your. Spot in line next time you visit Stepping into the unknown it can be difficult to find the way. But with the compassion and security of independence Blue Cross obstacles become opening as we have for nearly eighty years independence will continue. To light the way Put the cart accepted The power to shine to win after, waits to Mark independence. Blue Cross live fearless everyone watched their car to. Stop on a dime I'm Tom Ballard regional vice, president for pep boys and it makes sense to choose us. For your new brakes we use top. Sopping Wagner premium parts we'll save you that and you wanna stop on plus another nine hundred ninety nine and that makes a. Whole lot of sense the pep boys pros will save you up to. Sixty dollars on Wagner premium break service and pay, with a pep boys credit card to save up. To, forty dollars more now. That's a price break. Hurry ends August twenty sixth only at pep boys offer after mail-in rebate credit application, and approval see. Restrictions pepboys dot com at the jersey shore tonight, they'll see, partly cloudy skies lows seventy five and tomorrow partly cloudy with a chance of a.

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