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I what sport you play video games competitive that's what i thought that's what i thought the apocalypse is upon got my my my youngest son you know my my boys played sports here in town right they played it started on defense together and football night they played basketball together and one thing i i said this many many times i go downstairs to tell my youngest son to get off the video game right even big big big in a fee for soccer and he he supposedly he kept telling me he was like ranked in the world and all that and what i would tell them you know i was thinking to myself as supportive father i think i was very proud of my my son my sons and my daughter i brag on and on but i would tell him i'm like ranked i'm right we'll pop three thousand i thought i don't care this is meaningless this is meaningless this is this is taken away from things that really matter go work go work on your ball handling you know go throw the football with your brother up in maine something i i gotta tell you i had you're the first person that told me about this right so yeah the populists is upon us you know i mean i don't understand it i get it i mean i i used to play it orcades as play video games at are capes long ago right and it's it gets you and in one way at dickey's you think it's such a big deal right i used to be pretty good at the race card you know i want to tell everybody about it right hey you know you can't leave a fiery went to dan this race car game well nobody cared shouldn't so i i'm not a long way of saying i'm not supportive well i'm glad that i could write your next column for you pick out your next topic so we'll look forward to that in the gazette here last thing before i let you run david why do you hate mike bobo so much you were very very mean to his defense in the reasonably well it i mean i i like mike bobo but i mean i have i have a lot of friends who are pretty big issue france fan and they're a little bit wilder by the length of that extension and so am i i mean he he said it was when he got the extension he's gonna make one point eight five million dollars next year next before bonuses so does a very good chance to make a couple of million dollars if they have a decent season you get an extension after you know when you go seven and six for the third straight year five and three in the mountain west but the third straight year and i realize you know the one thing i will say very much she was they have a tough schedule they have a tough non conference schedule but he has a he just shown hints to me so i i and then you know i mean that defense you're up thirty five to ten at home and you lose and then you get an extension like a month later okay i mean i i don't get it i don't get it you lose three of their last four games and you get an extension and and they look like they're going to be down this year so you know i i like michael he's a nice guy he was he was very cordial with us yesterday of course you were there too but i don't get the extension i don't get it i remarked yesterday he has a losing record against the following teams wyoming see you air force and anybody they play in a bowl game yeah i don't i don't know what the other criteria at cs you is i mean i t's you david but i'm right there on the same wavelength i like mike bobo too and i think that a guy deserves a little bit more time he hasn't been a disaster but i think that this is a big time year because if you you have a losing record in all of those situations your to instate rivals your biggest rival in wyoming and you haven't won a single bowl game and you go to bowl games like the nova home loans bowl.

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