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No you haven't is he gonna stick out for cross. Won't shelton bobby charlton. Yeah go bobi channel. We don't go an englishman and too but we moan you've got the ashen best sedan. Ronaldo messi pele maradona so always sign that. Bobby charlton is the best imply it. Yeah so you i would. I would agree not aspect to be involved in this. But i i think would agree because Just so many memorable goals. I mean do. Wasn't there some story about if you went into the rainforest your puppy jolt and as soon as they see football. Everyone sort of everybody knew. Bobby charlton the more than bobby moore thing he was. Yeah still have stir killing asked good enough for me if you if you recognizable in a rainforest good have make anybody a new football. What now will beckham ballot about. I think all as a mall bow definitely sees a rolls royce role. Yes that's fate you've got eight then. He ashen best sedan. Rinaldo messy pele. Maradona beckenbauer kreutzmann sheltered. In the other list. At the moment you go maybe platini fan pastern you save you. Toss mel dini. Mario may hula. Retirees saw need help with it is is if we do need people to send you some messages sue in this pine it is just to be in your in your opinion though because him from from your memories right. Cheerio marie than for me. I'm ahead of croix from shelton. Nah bobby charlton. We've job. we're lucky in shelton in los angeles. which is the best. England footballer ever. Yeah i think he's gonna go in. Yeah look nine arranged. dose between croix ibrahimovic. Chief sent mentioned only cam analysis though the other rinaldo. I'll save us on. Ray aniline renaldo who we have in between the that sort of through if you combo's on ray over now die off can out guy from ray so what was another on rayo kroth on rio. I'd have off everyone across old alone. Now he's got the cowboys town and we do. We've taught sales advocate a little bit but on rate was just a beauty. Beautiful thing to watch. Yeah i'll be upset with Onery or platini. Who's the best french plan. Dini romario ronaldinho. I think tweet onery and croix fund. You know things on guide on both of khimik sub to your dose. If i'm going to make a decision if you're telling me. I've got to make a decision between tehran. Nri johan Purely because i've i've seen more of tyrian ry of the new highlights of ever seen one thing of johann amazing. Turn but let's go jerry. Okay the one. I didn't mention one. Didn't mention with bobby moore. Who's not in any the one that didn't mention to you. You're getting on well. It's the six players isn't it..

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