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After the news is brought to, you by right automotive the. Best deal in, Pittsburgh and earlier today there may have been a better time for, this to come up but a hearing on police community relations and the city and our own Melinda Roeder was there how? Did, things go today well this was a public hearing that included olive the the Senate and House. Democratic policy committee members and this hearing was actually held at the request of Representative Ed Gainey in response to the police. Shooting of, Antoine rose, he said you know the time is ripe for this and invited all of these state lawmakers all democratic state lawmakers to come here and to meet with law enforcement officials from local municipalities as well as state. Police that were there they had a lot of questions. That. Came up today questions lake background, checks for police officers, monitoring of, police officers social media in other words. To check for Things like. Inappropriate content that they might be posting on social media something that might be racist or or just otherwise offensive and and then they, also talked a little bit. About cultural diversity, training and what training is available in what training these police officers, are actually required to undergo whenever they're hired with the new department and of course they face a lot of challenges of? Example, a couple of the police department said even if this training is available for free we don't. Have the funding we don't have enough police officers to cover the streets so that we can send some officers to one. Of these, classes rate, valid point so what are you what are you what are you gonna do when you don't have these resources available state police they do have a pretty robust program were they talk with the cadets about racial. Profiling and other cultural diversity issues and not just issues. That. Affect African Americans but all sorts, of minorities when we're, talking about. Different ethnic groups that are religious For example, but that's at the state. Police level in a lot of again local municipalities may not have the same kind of requirements or resources what are the things it's concerning..

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