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Plays baba who at the moment. His name is is gonna escape me. Michael t Williamson, it's spelled mckelvie. But it's Michael t Williamson is Michael t Williamson in some of the other cast members. But I they were obviously pretty strict about security and now he's walking past. And I'm like, hey, hey, Denzel. I'm like, I I used to call Malcolm's games. Like, I did one or two games when he was at Penn. And I Don. The man puts his arm around me. Says you know, he's he's directing now. Right. And I was like, no, I didn't know that. And for the next ten minutes until Denzel waited to get into Howard Stern's private elevator. I spent ten ten minutes talking to Denzel Washington. And for those Saint Joe's fans he found out. I was the play by play announcer at Saint Jo's. And I first thing out of his mouth as it should be. When you think about the oh four-run Jamir went to say, Joe, didn't he? Yes, he did. We snapped the picture. And then that was that was it. That was my my several minutes with Denzel Washington, but Bill Murray would certainly be on my list, and hopefully before all is said and done, maybe that'll happen. His son is actually a division. One assistant basketball coach at Rhode Island and now was at Xavier. And I think he's still at savior. But I'm not sure actually maybe not because I thought he was on Chris max staff Xavier. You think Bill Murray would be approachable? Yes. And it's funny. He didn't use to be. He's an Luke Murray is still on. Chris Chris Mack staff. He's at Louisville now, which is not the best situation to be in at the moment. Coming off their kind of redoing things after the whole Rick Pitino fiasco, Rick Pitino by the way back into coaching this week. Couldn't they said he was going out of his mind, by the way, millions of dollars in the Bank. Rick Pitino going. I mean, I get it. Like, if you if you love doing something makes sense. You obviously miss it. If I couldn't do this anymore. If I couldn't call play by play anymore. I would I know I would miss it. I don't know. Making making. Having that much money in the Bank. Does that does that change it? They always say money doesn't necessarily buy happiness. And I think that's in some cases, very true because some of the some of the wealthiest people. I know are also some of the most miserable. Sometimes I don't understand how that ends up. But. Maybe that does doesn't fact hold water. But yeah, his son is is division. One assistant basketball coach film, always hoping that like Saint Joe's ends up in one of those pre season basketball tournaments were one of the teams is. But it hasn't happened. Just yet. Denison mount laurel ninety four WIP. Hi, Dennis first, simul the overnight show. All right. First time for everything. That's awesome. Yeah. I wanted to just make one correctly a caller a couple of calls ago said if the. Vikings win both games. The eagles are out. That's not true Dallas. No, no, no. That's possible too. Yeah. I mentioned that before that if there's there's like I said that is one of my favorite holiday pastimes, the Dallas December collapse. You know, it's like I enjoy it. Probably more than opening my presence at this point. And and is there a better script in Hollywood to follow? Nick foles wins this game on Sunday. You'll be putting up second statue. Now, it'll be the million dollar movie for for years to come. You. Remember the million dollar movie late night late night on channel six. I I don't think they do that anymore. But I think. Can you imagine that though like if they actually still did that thirty years down the line like Nick foles being the million dollar movie like midnight on six ABC? And this is such an unassuming guy. He just goes about saying, he's very religious. He spreads the ball around. He's lengthens to feel which makes the running game better. And Carson is obviously the best overall better quarterback of the future. Yeah. And the one of the future, but for today in for now, Nick foles is my quarterback until we lose see. And that's that's kind of that's more of the opinion that that I like to hear Dennis, you know, why why can't we like both like why why why can't I like both apples and oranges or peanut butter and jelly or whatever. It happens to be. I can like both. But I'm gonna tell you one thing. I know Carson. There's also a very religious person. If Nick foles wins on Sunday, he's gonna say not again. Lord, lord. What are you doing to me? What is going on? You're just can't happen to be twice. Please got kicked out even though he would want dicta win in his mind. He's gotta be thinking not again, he really does. Yeah. And I think Denison, it's it's really hard. And appreciate the phone. Call. Welcome welcome. Your your first time to the overnight. That's awesome. I think it's really hard. If you're in that type of position, and you know, I I think he'll sail the right things, and he had do everything under the sun to convince you that that he is happy for him as happy for him as he could be. Yeah, they're they're they're very close. They're very good friends. But at some point or another if if it were to happen, again, how could you look at a scenario like this. If you're Carson Wentz say, man. You're not gonna come out and say, whoa is me. But behind closed doors like how could you not look at it and think? Hey, big guy or big lady, you know, whoever you think is up there. What whatever you happen to believe. What about me? Didn't I do everything I was supposed to rehab my knee? I came back. I got back in in order to be the starting quarterback in order to be the franchise guy again. And then it happened. Again, it happened again. It's almost like you get into like, Jerry Seinfeld. No. It was a scratch, no pack. Like, oh, Lord. What are you doing to me? Nick, again, it's always this Nick foles guy. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound ninety four ninety four your AT and T and variety wireless cell phone, or maybe not maybe Carson Wentz just has enough humility. Where he could be one hundred percent completely happy for Nick foles. I would like to believe that that exists in the year two thousand eighteen. I don't know. But you never know Jeff in Newark ninety four WIP. Hi, jeff. Hey, I I'm with you there on the I don't think once has really concerned about, you know, next thing successful. I think he's supportive bind them same brush. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. I think though, Jeff every one of us. I think it terms of friends and close friends has it has to be supportive, but at the end of the day like if that were to happen. You know, what a second straight year. Wouldn't it be tough voted to look at that as say man, I'm happy? But but can I be completely happy? I I guess you could I guess that's why I'm calling but just to touch on something you you hinted on orange another caller or earlier in your show. Yeah. I'm with you on the Christmas story. I I don't get it. I never liked that movie. I can't stand it. I hate that. It's still on. I get it. But it's a Christmas movie and the people holiday spirit kind of thing. But I can't stand the movie. What's funny is that maybe ten years ago for a friend? I bought you the like lamb, and you can have it delivered in the crate. Oh, that's funny. It's like the crate delivery is like two hundred dollars for the shipping. Fragile and it costs it costs more than the product itself. She ordered her like weird gift. She has this thing against I don't know the politically correct term for little people. But she thought that we had a little person like, yeah. So what what a great early Christmas gift for for media. Right. The Nick foles Carson Wentz things. Talk about it. How do you think this would have been different if if that game lost? Well. We'd be would have been you know, what what are they gonna do? You know? What are they gonna do going forward that? That's that's that's yeah. That's what the narrative would have been. And you know, what honestly it still might be like that like who's who's coming back who's going in now. How many of these guys are sticking around? That's still very much a possibility. I mean that that could still very much be the conversation. But like I said earlier at at the end of the day, Jeff and appreciate the phone. Call. Oh, you want at this point? And this time of year is is to be able to play some sort of meaningful football, especially with the with the I don't want to call it a disaster. But it hasn't been a great year. It just hasn't especially with with the way that they've lost some of these games with the way that they went down to Tennessee and essentially took over took over the titan stadium. What was a virtual home game in Nashville and they went down and they blew the game late. Carolina at home. Coughed up seventeen. In the fourth quarter. More.

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