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But delivered confusion and chaos. He's failed US year after year, wasting billions. Turning his back on millions. Governor. Letting people live on the streets isn't compassion. Sending billions and unemployment checks to criminals isn't prosperity And it's 2.5 minute video. Faulkner took Newsome to task. His announcement comes at a time when there's a new some recall petition drive underway. A group says it's collected 1.3 million signatures. It needs 1.5 million by the middle of March. Doctor is considered a moderate Republican, but some political analysts wonder. If he has statewide name recognition to unseat Newsom, who spent eight years as lieutenant governor before being elected governor in 2018. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria holding a town hall meeting to talk about the city's future topics ranging from the budget to the coronavirus, the mayor said in his one our town hall, the city has gotten authorization that could help speed up vaccinations. I'm pleased to tell you that at my request, the city was recently authorized by the state of California to be direct recipients of the vaccines today. It's been the county of San Diego, along with our private sector, healthcare partners and public Spectra healthcare partners that have received the vaccines. Late last week, the city was given authorization to start receiving doses ourselves and we are anxiously awaiting our first shipment of those doses were glory and says 75 of the city's paramedics and E. M. T s have been trained to administer vaccines. And he says city personnel has administered more than 20,000 shots as part of a comprehensive effort to vaccinate San Diegans. Phil Farrar, KOGO News Congressional Republicans discussing covert relief with President Biden at the White House on Monday. Griff Jenkins reports They brave the snowstorm and went looking for that magic thing. Common ground, But after two hours, it wasn't to be found. But the 10 GOP senators president Biden vice present Harris aren't giving up. But Stark differences remain starting with the price tag. Republicans offering $618 billion package to President Biden's 1.9 trillion, and it comes after the government has already spent more than six trillion uncovered relief including 900 billion past just in this Member. It's still has not been spent in. Republicans are worrying that the new Democrat plan is loaded with items that have nothing to do with covered relief. You have the minimum wage being raised to $15. There's a set aside for three and 50 billion for state and local governments, and it offers larger Obama care premium tax credits. President Biden says that covert relief is a top priority for Congress and is hoping to pass it with Republican support. Mitch McConnell taking aim at a Republican lawmaker in the other chamber, the Senate minority leader told the hill Marjorie Taylor Greene support of in his words, loony lies and conspiracy theories is a cancer for the GOP. He insisted anybody who thinks the Pentagon wasn't it with the plane on September 11th and school shootings were staged, he says, is not living in reality, McConnell added, These topics have nothing to do with challenges Americans are currently facing. The Georgia congresswoman appeared to fire back on Twitter, saying the real cancer is weak Republicans in the party And Mars military now in control of the country. NBC's Richard Angle reports after nearly a decade sharing power with civilians, Myanmar's military staged a coup, setting up checkpoints. Taking over TV stations, which played military propaganda and detaining civilian officials, including their leader on Song Souci. Military leaders took to TV and announced in the early hours Monday that a state of emergency would be in effect for at least a year. Ground. Hog Day is here and with it comes the annual forecast offered by punks. A tawny Phil, It's a beautiful morning. This I can see. With all my fans, viewing virtually my faithful followers being safe and secure. Tradition of ground hog day must endure. Already the beloved Marma emerged from his burrow or rodent, whatever. This morning in Gobbler's knob and punks, Otani, Pennsylvania without the normal fanfare because of you know, Cove it wants out. Phil spotted his shadow. As their tradition goes, That means there will be six more weeks of winter. So where are we in the fight against cancer..

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