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I think Khalil Mack will be able to go like maybe two thirds of the plays. I is. No, I mean, just him being on the field makes a difference whether or not he's piling up. Stacks are not because they're going to have to check to him or bring a tight end over something that helps roquan a little bit more murky on that. I I really don't know because I don't know how much he knows the defense yet. Right. So maybe half the place Latin seek Rokon Smith is going to be one of those players that will get us into a transitional phase of defense, and it may be a lot tonight. And the reason I'm saying that is he is a guy that's got to speed to be able to cover backs and the titans and even if he gets caught in the slot. He can still make it happen. Okay. Well, that is what Aaron Rodgers is going to try to do tonight and quit cow. Ski is he's a tough kid, but look for especially on second third down a lot of roquan tonight because of who were playing and the quarterback. That wants to exporters. I hope so you guys know I love the pick. Absolutely love the pick. And I think he's going to be a great one for the bears again like you said nobody played. So there's questions I just I don't know how they're all. Gonna look. I hope I didn't pick the bears the window. So this is like the stones all living on separate islands. Stay. What's going to happen? And we'll talk to you after the game great stuff. Enjoy enjoy tonight. All right. Hopefully, we're talking about a win up at lambofield say QuickTime, I'll come on back three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred any questions we haven't even run down the off season moves see what you guys are most excited about OB. You are giving me the look of just you want you. I need some optimism out of you tonight. I'll be after this are you? There's. What am I listen Utah? Right. He's played a down. We have had dirt for talent. And you've believed in them to win. And right now, we've had this huge offseason upgrades at you. Are you're not there right yet. Am I wrong? I'm just telling you the biggest upgrade is the Griffin. John FOX is out of here. We'll be different. I'm telling you. They have to be different. All right. Quick time out. Yeah. So we come back there this tell me exactly what we're. Basically because he FOX is there. ABC's that's gonna be okay. Seven.

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