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We couldn't figure IT OUT LANCE LYNN here no he goes somewhere else dominance about Chad green chattering fucking doc in sucked up your your sixteen era which as long as possible to fix Chad Green you know what happens we send down down the AAA figures himself out. You know why because all Tommy Phelps immediately noticed that physician of his hands it wasn't Larry Rotschild now jaggery might have said that he talk to Larry every day I guarantee you Larry didn't figure out the position. The hands was the problem. That was the minor league guy who's been guys Ho career so that wasn't Larry Russia have a tummy Canley. He was a fucking loss caused us year Ta fucking Rotschild configuring a think thing with them. All of a sudden figures out in the offseason gets on a better diet. Whatever now waiver to pitcher completely different human being you go down Luis Severino? Hey Bud you want your the fucking pitching coach. You want to figure out why he's tipping pitches the Red Sox now every single pitches coming. You're the pitching coach. It is your job to watch the pitcher. You're trying to tell me that wasn't Larry Rotschild fault that Severino had a tipping pitch problem. The entire world knew he had a problem. Larry couldn't figure it out fucking idiot fuck you dylan as he listen to show. Why do you listen to follow me? He goes. Oh you you good. Guess like well. He's like us. Bosh use the Barstools sports platform to get your guests and that's what you know. You've you've good show that way. Well you know what do we were doing this for about a full fucking year without barstools worth platform building our audience up to a point where we could finally get an approved to come on parcells sports. I don't think a twenty eight thousand ten and coast who's not a twenty twenty-eight fan. Either you know just idiots running baseball show and don't know what they're talking about so piss me off. I know that you follow me my show don't insult me on twitter. When I'm completely right Larry Rotschild a good pitching coach the fuck Outta here fuck dill? I mean a lot of people I mean not people stink. They just think you know you gotta just to it's sometimes you know you try to norm other times. It's like sometimes someone says the wrong thing and it's like fuck you man so sometimes it's good to unleash on these is idiots out there. I mean I'm with you allow Rothschild who talked about this all season long where he just it doesn't fix problems like you have. These pictures have to go elsewhere to get their problems fix. They leave the organization. They become much better pitchers look. He's had some success stories shirt like you can point to some but I think there's been a lot more negative with tim and I just feel like he doesn't fix people at the rate of pitching coach. Should you could try to make excuses. You could try to defend them but the end of the day I think the the Anti Liar Rothschild side is a lot more ammo the prologue roster outside it's also I just want a new face..

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