Prosecutor, Judith Miller, George W Bush discussed on The Larry Elder Show


The president's decision which is potentially very very significant especially now let's see how well they explain this given the current context that's right wolf scooter libby who was of course a part of that investigation into who leaked the identity of cia agent an operative valerie plame during the george w bush administration this was all in it was all really in reference to the case that was made for the iraq war during that time period scooter libby was under investigation as where other administration officials for the leaking valerie plame identity he was convicted of perjury in that case and the president announcing today the white house announcing today that the president is going to pardon scooter libby so that that is that is happening now that just was announced by the white house in the last several moments now the reason why all of this is important couple of different things one is we should point out that that scooter libby attorney victoria tensing she is married to joe digenova who we should point out now see if you can follow this just in the last couple of weeks has been talked about as potentially good luck joining the president's legal team and going up against the muller investigation that didn't pan out there were conflicts cited as the reason why jodi jennifer did not sign on but perhaps more broadly and more importantly wolf the reason why this is important and you're hearing a lot of legal analyst bring i don't know about you my head hurts we have no idea what caused the pardon to be necessary in the first place and that is george w bush was accused of lying by joe wilson the former ambassador turns out joe wilson is the one who lied according to the washington post had all of this not happen they never would have been any investigation scooter libby never would have been found guilty of perjury outta blob cetera none of that is explained to you this up is that the president is showing willingness to use his his presidential power to pardon people and of course there are concerns that if the muller investigation continues to go down this road and you have convictions the implication is he part him to give a message nudge nudge wink wink to other people apart and you to no understanding whatsoever of what caused this whole special prosecutor to be in point judith miller fox news.

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