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The tollways accident how clear north Berkeley cook after walking again I'm a van Velde net at traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death still arrives later this afternoon high near thirty one the snow tonight low down to thirty mixed it with maybe freezing rain and sleet a mix of for winter precipitation tomorrow high near thirty seven right now it's twenty three oh here twenty four at midway and twenty five at the lake front winner storm could impact the Chicago area just as you're heading home from work this evening the National Weather Service has mixed precipitation is expected throughout the region with one to five inches of snow possible by the time it's all said and done a winter weather advisory will going to affect a little later today and be in effect for Chicago land through tomorrow morning driver should plan on slippery roads the hazardous conditions again could impact the evening commute dangerous travel conditions as a winter blast hits the upper Midwest and Great Plains WGN's Ryan borough you now I did at American Airlines have issued travel waivers for Midwest cities including Chicago through Sunday that means flyers can change flights without pay added fees to do so the weather's also shut down Kansas city's airport a couple times Friday Minneapolis is expecting up to ten inches of snow Ribeiro WGN news a man linked to the nineteen seventy six murder of teenager Palomar from Lyell uses suspect in the murders of at least twelve people an investigator says police have received more than seventy tips since they announced that Bruce Lindahl as was more marks Mars killer Lindahl died in nineteen eighty one investigators are fairly certain about nine of his victims authorities have not provided details about any of the other cases nor have they identified any of the other possible victims experts predict this flu season could be especially hard on children in Chicago and they're urging anyone older than six months to get vaccinated W. B. G. WGN's Pam Jones reports the Chicago department of public health says more than nine hundred lab tests have come back positive for the flu since the end of September it's the second highest number of positive flu test in the last five years the health department says a tight B. influenza is hitting kids especially hard one child in Chicago has died from the flu this season nationally thirty two children have died twenty one of them had influenza B. Pam Jones WGN news police are investigating after hidden camera was found recording in a bathroom this week at a middle school in Northfield school officials say a staff member discovered this cell phone video camera.

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