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The past ninety days see store for details and terms and conditions pending home sales in the us picked up last month after falling five percent in january the national association of realtors says it's pending sales index rose three point one percent in february two one hundred seven point five despite the uptick the index is still down four point one percent for a year earlier the association's chief economist blames the uneven performance at a shortage of homes on the market pending sales surged ten point three percent of the northeast rose three percent in the south but eked out gains have just point seven percent in the midwest and point four percent in the west a frustrated president trump's reportedly floating new idea about how to pay for a wall at the mexican border is the ap's rita foley reports trump suggesting paying for it with pentagon funds building the wall was one of candidate donald trump's top campaign promises and the idea drew the loudest cheers from supporters at his rallies okay okay we'll build the wall but who's gonna pay for the wall the nexico is made it clear it's not going to pay for the wall so now we're learning the president may be considering paying for the wall with money from the military budget a source tells the ap the president raised the idea with house speaker paul ryan white house meeting last week congress would likely have to agree order for the money to be spent rita foley washington the country music hall of fame announced its three inductees for the year ap music correspondent mark zaraleta says some fans might have been assuming one of them had already been inducted dottie west will be inducted in the country music hall of fame and the veterans category ricky skaggs as the modern era inductee and fiddler bob kimball as the recording and or touring musician skaggs says it's a great honor and a great relief all my friends out there that think that thought that i was already a member of the of the hall of fame today makes it official the induction ceremony will be later this year in nashville i'm archie zaraleta what a.

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