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Well if you go out there and clean irving cat digs whole berries it you don't even know where away and it and i was thinking about it and i thought all right so that's neither here nor there but let's replace canton dog with a roommate one roommate uh doesn't really even know you exist when you come home doesn't even lower the sports pages say hi he's there uh but he takes a dumping the toyland right the other one runs up asked if you've lost weight calls applause was if you've been working out for dinner but chance to take dumps like we're all the middle live defecate but you walk and he'll we take it a dump in other which roommate which you're wide like i feel like those who wanted in former as i said after the first thing i did after a divorce was good at your wawa because i missed getting yelled at it's like having a small mexican roommate the doesn't chipin but really hates birds ihi while staff sitting on the floor and watching me while like cook i my leastfavoured debris i must say but all of our animals have been replaced just like when a person dies we just went on things out another one one yes so wait a minute we have the kitten in the washer we got the cat under the sink we got launched a german shepherd that's been and then the other one got return the eyes of the miniature poodle was killed by the the husky in an husky went back to dog prison right so that that that's a head count of four nets had kind of dog for a day all right dana goal here we always like to do a little uh.

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