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Not as a reserve at this point the relying on pressure from Chris Jones up the middle or a slow burn pass rush from a blitz a stunt or just really speaks Alex Okafor crushing pocket until the quarterback has nowhere to ago. Okay. I agree with Mattie. I think I think pass rush off the edge is still very important to this team. I mean, you think about like if Alex Okafor went down you're looking at. Ten of season. Maybe if Tana still on there. I mean, I think it's noble. Somebo undersized doesn't matter. Tell toby. Dave vouch for them. Okay. I agree with you just like specialty. Okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna give you this scenario. An you. Tell me how you feel about this defense if this happens. Okay. And I kind of I didn't want to just make it like a very optimistic perspective. I wanted to kind of make it like might be a little bit of challenge. Let's say the chiefs finish day to with clo- in Farrell in attrative Lonnie Johnson at cornerback and JJ Sega Whiteside at wide receiver in the first three rounds. How do you feel? So of that, I think I always love the for OPEC. He is one of my favorite guys in this class. I think he's being vastly. Underrated right now as I just said he fits the biggest need I see on defense probably the whole team. So I feel great about that. If you hit your first round pick in a draft. It's horrid ever walk away feeling terrible. Like, no matter what happens after their you still feel pretty good because you have the most likely to hit position player knocked out of the port with the first pick Lonnie Johnson's not my favorite quarterback. I understand the intrigue. He's a developmental guy. That has great size. You can play him up on the line of scrimmage and hope he kinda beats people up. It looks to be a great athlete. So I get to a lower but second round for me or just even day to just a little early for me to feel confident in his growth going forward. Don't see the path as of right now in the JJ light side. I mean, I guess we did talk about wanting tied into we got our move tied into their but sides that I'm in. There's other titans. I'd rather have. Followed along the same lines as mad there. I love Cleland. I think that he's a guy that can come right in and have a major impact in a rotational role. And then you can let him can't take the reins in twenty twenty and just go from there. Lonnie Johnson is a guy that if you put on his tape. He has a lot of moments where he looks like a guy who's never played for and these wrong. He's I mean, he he's rough to watch. He's just got such a very physical profile, and he's a good athlete, but I'm not in the mood for drafting just pure athletic traits in round two at that spot. So I I would prefer something different there, and then adding a wide receiver there are more dynamic options than JJ Sega Whiteside. But I can't say that I would be mad at adding another big body. This off I would love to clone investment and trading up to get in. I think you've got to trade up to them. And I would be all all in on that. And I think you're probably gonna hear us talk about clone feral for the next thirty five days, however, many weeks, and then the, you know, the few weeks afterwards because you know, he's on the run. For at least twelve yes. But it's Lonnie Johnson. Like the first off. I would not be stunned if the chiefs ended with a couple of Matt house guys because that just makes too much sense. And it's a little bit terrifying. Because I could see Lonnie Johnson being one of the second round picks like very realistically because I mean that just doesn't that just feel right? I mean, so I do not discount that Matt how's connection? The chiefs will end up with a Kentucky wildcat on their roster by could be an undrafted. But it's going to happen..

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