Australia, Chief National Correspondent, ABC discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Exactly, right. Recordbreaking lifetime coal rooms logo warming. And this is what brain dead left-wing Americans retreated to be CBS can be CNN MSNBC can any local. News organization is going to report this same gobbly Gook. And they don't even they're not even afraid of the charge of hypocrisy. So they take. But do you know that it is hot this time of year every year in Australia? Every year they have seemingly scorching hot summers. And it's always in January that's summertime in Australia. There's nothing unusual about it. So we've got lifetime record breaking cold in the upper midwest, but because it summer in Australia. Proof that it's all global warming. I'm still struggling with how to overcome stupidity. That doesn't know itself. There's one thing you're talking to some stupid person knows they're stupid. You have a chance with them. But if you're talking to stupid idiots who don't know that they're stupid idiots, you talking ignoramuses at don't know, they're ignorant, if you're talking to stupid people who think they are, intellectual brilliant. You have an almost impossible task. Here is ABC is good Morning America. The chief national correspondent Tom yomas reporting about the cold weather in the mid west. This is incredible. We.

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