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Busiest guy in this building today sitting right in front of me. Jim Foreside wwl news director, let's get to the propositions on the ballot. They were all pushed by the San Antonio professional firefighters association. The go vote no campaign spend big money and of donations for businesses to try to defeat them two of them ended up passing Mr. team. But the one that the city officials were most concerned about proposition, a which would have allowed voters to raise only twenty thousand signatures, currently the to raise sixty nine thousand and they only have three months to do it. This would have stretched it out to six months and only required twenty thousand signatures that one went down very badly defeated significantly. And that was the one the city officials were afraid would hurt the city's bond rating, we'd have CPS power Bill rate increases put on delay the city budget could be put on hold for six months. I mean, how could you operate in a in a situation like that that one was soundly defeated proposition b which will limit the pay and the tenure of future city managers one overwhelmingly, it was very very. Popular. I think that there has always been a kind of a voters have been disturbed about the significant pay shells Kelly is the highest paid city manager in the country and a lot of people have been very concerned about that for a long time. So given the opportunity to vote even though this doesn't affect Cheryl Scully at all because she's under contract. I think a lot of people express concerns about a high salary is paid to city employees. Generally. She also has several deputy city managers at assistant city managers who also make well into the triple digit, right? So how how long is your contract? The the new proposition proposition b will limit the contract a future city managers to eight years, which is the ten year. That's members of city council. Her contract right now is good. You'll win. Yes. Her her hair contract right now us technically doesn't end. Okay. It has a rollover provisions which will be voted on by city council again in December right now propositions proposition see passed narrowly, but it still passed. And this is a result of what I've always considered to be a very ill considered move by city council back in two thousand fifteen to sue the firefighters union to try to get the evergreen clause in their contract thrown out. This is a clause that was approved by the city. I didn't they turn around three years later and say my bad the contract that we just side is illegal. I mean, where's the rationale behind that? As you might expect. Even though it costs taxpayers a ton of money. Those lawsuits were dismissed at every single level of the scale, including the Texas supreme court so proposition c requires future contract negotiations and presumably now the contract negotiation currently exists between the professional firefighters association and the city to be decided using binding arbitration an independent arbitrator will be brought in to decide the provision of the contract. The city was concerned about that. Because the arbitrator is an up on the city budget isn't accountable to the tax payers, and they're concerned that an. Arbitrator will say, hey, let's give a best. Not really caring about what the fiscal impact of it. But that one passed narrowly the city manager's pay in ten year passed overwhelmingly and the referendum measure proposition a failed. All right. We're going to state races. Okay. We'll be back with Jim. Jim foresight. Wwl news director he'll be back at five forty right now. It's time for your FOX business news..

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