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You. Not to rejoin arguing against the resolution. We should subsidize preschools harsh is head of economic risk at aka international and a world class debate champion. This debate is an historic event, featuring IBM's newest advance in artificial intelligence, computer that debates a debater IBM's project Vader is an artificial intelligence system. A distant relative of the watching supercomputer develop over the past seven years parish to Rajon is an international debate champion his opponent for this special edition of intelligence, squared US is IBM's project debater, both debaters harsh and the system were given just fifteen minutes after learning of the topic to prepare their opening remarks. Neither had access to the internet. Nothing in the debate was scripted. So can change your mind coming up on intelligence, squared US. We'll talk with some of the researchers who spent years developing the artificial intelligence behind IBM's project debater just for the savant. I'm John donavan. This is intelligence squared US. This is intelligence squared US. I'm John donavan can artificial intelligence, change your mind. This debate is an historic event, featuring IBM's newest advanced artificial intelligence, debater a computer that debates. So we are.

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