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Yeah. So for me Green Bay definitely I think you and I both agree. I Green Bay was an interesting team. They have the draft capital. They have the quarterback to maximize. They have the new ofensive coach coaches, you know, looking to build some excitement and everything sort of lined up. I think they're already a good team. You know, they could get the most out of them. So I think they're number one on my list of intriguing teams. I think Green Bay is number one for me as well. I would say maybe if I picking nave c team. I would say maybe Tennessee, maybe Denver are in that range for me. I think he made a good point about the colts in terms of how they're building. I see the onfield fit the off it is not there. But I mean, I I think there's options in both conferences in terms of what you know, people who would be interested. I think there's going to be legitimate market for Tonio Brown. If the Steelers aside, they really do want to go through with this. Yep. I agree with you. It's fascinating veal building. This whole thing is interesting that a player may be able to force the Steelers to trade them. That's amazing. Yeah. Situation where the the talked about the cap situation for it. I mean the Steelers save no money basically in this year by trading Antonio Brown. I it's it's almost unprecedented in terms of waiting this much on though, you do if you if you if you wait in trade after doing one they get a lot of relief. So some of those scenarios had that. But that's a hard one to do. Because then everyone's drafted rosters were full everyone thinks they're good. Then. You just eating more money next year. And then, you know, you haven't you haven't had the opportunity unless you're cutting him as a post you and I released which I don't think they're going to they said, they aren't going to do then you haven't you don't really have an opportunity to spend that money. You might have a guy like Joe Haden sneak through was a late cut and then signed him. But I mean, it's it's it's it's tricky to pull this off in a way that makes the Steelers of better team in two thousand nineteen. Agreed. So we will have to wait and see what happens, but Mike, I appreciate running through these teams with you always a person who I want to read when it comes to trade opportunities, and you're gonna be covering this and other stuff for ESPN if I'm not mistaken that that's right, ESPN bless you can find me at the Santo piano Twitter, and I'll be heading to the combine next week. And I'm probably going to see you there. I hope so I hope I see there Mike, but thanks for coming on. Okay. We'll see. All right. Thanks so much to my guest again ESPN's, Mike Sando highly recommend you check him out on ESPN. Plus, which of course, contractually obligated to say, you should subscribe to. But even if I was not contractually obligated. I would say I would someone who's script to it. Even if I was not an ESPN employees highly recommended to check it out great print content rate video contents while I watch the FA Cup last week because of plus really enjoyed it. So we have more audio coming next week. Again, we're going to have about one show a week during the off season. We have a second show some news breaks, but we'll be at the. Combine next week. So hopefully have some stuff for you from indie much realistic and we're coming next week..

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