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Hey, it's JJ and welcome to ask the health expert, but this isn't just any old ass to health expert session. This is your bonus session. Yes, it's the weekend and because it's the weekend, we are gonna take some time with an amazing expert. So be on the lookout for these Saturday asked the health expert bonus sessions where we're gonna go deep into an amazing subject with an incredible expert to give you actionable items that you can put into your life. All right, we are gonna be unpacking fasting today with one of my very best friends on the planet. In fact, such a best friend that he walked my mom down the aisle at my wedding. I am talking about Dave asprey, the founder and chairman of bulletproof 360. You know bulletproof. It's the amazing high performance coffee and food company. He's also, of course, the creator, bulletproof coffee, and I'll tell you, I love bulletproof coffee when Dave makes it for me. I'm spoiled. He's a three times New York Times bestselling author. Actually, I think that I think that is now wrong. I think he's now hit four times with his new book fastest way. Of course you know the bulletproof diet. That's the book I wrote the forward too, and he has got the incredible bulletproof radio super great podcast you will want to be tuned into. You probably seen him on The Today Show, Doctor Oz, Fox CNN, nightline, and all over the place. He's known as the father of biohacking. And he also puts on an incredible conference every year called upgrade labs. Yep, I've got Dave with me today. You're gonna love this interview. And here's what else you're gonna love, you are gonna be able to do as fast as weight challenge for free. By going to JG virgin dot com slash fast this way. And you'll also want to grab his book fastest way to help you through the process. Okay, I will be right.

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