Rachel Robinson Jackie, Jesse Jackson, Don Newcombe discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


Today we celebrate the legend and those who have helped on the legacy people like Rachel Robinson Jackie's loving white who supported him and has continued to carry his torch. I wasn't young people to know that you can go through terrible times but if you form relationships and use those relationships to keep you strong you can make a difference. People like teammate Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella who pillars of of support during his playing days and endured the same bitter discrimination as Jackie her entry he said if this fails Jackie. This is going to be set back. Another thirty or forty years might never happen. You cannot afford to fail now. Can you carry that burden? Jesse Jackson's regarding Carey I will never forget Jaggi. I still think idle what he did for me. What he did for all black people in this world not just in this world. Today we celebrate the legend as does Major League baseball on every April. Fifteen as the new feature film forty two which prompted our first lady. Michelle Obama to recognize the sacrifices and strength of the Robinson is. This isn't just about watching a wonderful movie about about an important moment in history. This is about helping all of you believe that you can write your own history and demand more of yourself every single day. You have to do that and you have to pick up yourself when somebody knocks you down. Today we continue a legacy so that tomorrow they will. I'm extremely proud and pleased to be here this afternoon but must admit. I'M GONNA be tremendously more pleased and more proud. I look at that third base coach line one day and see a black face managing and baseball.

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