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When i'm listening to your podcast is how thoughtful and careful you are in your analysis of particular news stories. How you pick up on those words and phrases that most people don't necessarily notice have been swapped out for another phrase and we just kind of get the general sense that this is a a positive issue and this person is being unfairly criticized on. How have you kind of. I would hone that skill in that. Craft of being a careful reader in analyzer of. What's going on in the news. Because i i don't feel like i've perfectly honed. It there are many many things you see on your podcast that i'm thinking. Wow i don't think i would have even noticed that. What can thoughtful christians due to get better at being more considerate when they're reading a story. I love these questions. And i certainly i miss things to of course but you know what what i've tried to do over. The years is is look at how language is being used and frankly as far more important to me as a theologian than even engages. The media but language is never neutral and at. How language is deployed about abortion. And the killing of the unborn. Do you talk about reproductive health reproductive rights reproductive freedom. None of that none of that and and the the media in the united states frankly it includes a lot of what people will think are conservative media. They're operating out of the same vocabulary list and that's very very dangerous. When those words are very carefully crafted and carry a moral agenda that we believe is contrary to scripture. And give you another example. I'm looking at a new source just a couple of hours ago. They were referring to gender alignment surgery. I'm oh that's the same surgery they used to be called sex reassignment surgery and by the way it's horrifying in its in. Its very implications in reality. But you'll notice how all of a sudden that's changed. And i try to document those changes. Okay here it would have been called unethical unimaginable. Contrary to the hippocratic oath then it becomes gender reassignment surgery. Then it becomes gender alignment surgery watching that is just. I think really really important. And i appreciate you mentioning it. That's that's what i try to draw. attention to. The other thing is just to say that the media have taken out of the mainstream media the new york times washington post and.

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