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Jaws at some of our topic are you jazz watcher listener vote murder on the couch ugo yes ankle paul pulled jaws enough florida and that is something that he tells every single person does that mean what do you mean well he pulled the it's it's not a role fish what do you mean he pulled it in florida he pulled at like in a boat owing the key was on the crew of the movie at me on he met jaws at a bar arable my favorite movie that school it is also with my uncle he's he'll talk to you about it for seventeen eighteen days they called sentence over they called the shirt after a lawyer or something that's seventy seamer so he pulled bruce around yet not by himself nipple just pulled bruce jasmine once of it's draws is praise last name right as mr jove was talented mister ripley ban f lex rating partners matthew was it his first solo movie without ban it was also a move it was a movie oh volvo i guess like came out after that okay i dunno rally one of his if not one of his first the ninety nine yeah i'm kevin look a when the democrat both drill a delmonico's was ninety six in their mouth was ninety seven eating okay was in the confused before apple's yes so in late 1950s new york tom ripley a young underachiever ascend to italy to retrieve dickey green leaf a rich and spoil millionaire was spewing seamer hopper oh boy or is it does is okay but then the aaron fails and ripley takes extreme measures.

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