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So smells like a beggar a whole know they are hangers abegg onions i was gonna say thank you smell like a beta ono witted eu groves man so next week we're gonna be gone check out it at the movies of truce miller pebble appear round hizmeh knob i'll put a bag i myself snow has like up bodysized bag bodybag armor i just move on visa what you really don't stake i take this did do based on top of your he man the road to europe it may get a disarray the bureau some the flyers all year hey how it's fine as cool relations by eu it's good to have flies around really take care of the crap i some to fly zone what the flyers via the flyers over get it hurts all right man so i'm pig in atlanta to win the super bowl and you're picking who some team on never recover new england every year so for the rest of my life how many years in a row have they won oh no i don't think it years in a row the they had a dynasty a dynasty we three dynasty that was a good show came on right after dallas well in the eighties you never heard of it no we should go check it out battisti yeah to show but work for random white guy ochre medicis show tell red and white guy when we see him again till he stole my two pieces a girl move the dis yeah it was tried into he still dominant tight cake his.

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