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Then i wanted to show the diversity of the world's spoken languages so that's our major gallery have thirty language ambassadors and includes to sign language users. And so that's the first floor. It's sort of about where words come from. And what do we use all over the world but then you go down to our second floor and it's all about what we can do with words what you can create with words so songwriting. Humor joke writing Oratory literature poetry. That's on our second floor. And those were you know natural ideas for what would be a museum of words and language and then on our lower floor because you start at the third floor and you work your way down. It's all about the power of words so we have advertising copywriting and words used to sell causes or to sell products and then we have our less gallery that's called words matter and it's real people telling the stories about how words and language had an impact in their lives and we have a recording booth in the middle of that gallery so we think that visitor will be so inspired and motivated by the experience of the museum to want to tell their own story about words in their life and so they can go in and record their story. Oh i love that. It's funny people say to me. By the way. I taught communications to journalism at columbia. Union college forbid and i took my students. If i was still there i would take them here. But i took my students to the national archives and library of congress and we're just in maryland and they had never been here and they were just amazed and they're looking at all these books in there you know. I had them play speeches. Because obviously it's communications class and had them play speeches and then get tips for their own presentations and you can see their faces. Just light up. I mean so of course declaration of independence the bill of rights etc people. Ask me how. I got into this business. And i joke that i've been reading and writing copy since pre birth because my dad had an ad agency when i was a kid in new york city. And i'm the youngest of four so he would poke copy out of the typewriter at the time and handed to the closest warm body. And say we this out loud to me. That's fun so. I'm convinced that i probably read. His copy is the first thing. I read out loud. And my mom. Who just recently passed supported my contention that she read. Copy out loud while i was in the womb. So it's very funny. So i've been on all sides of communication coins so when i saw this i was like yes. So what happens at planet word in our copywriting gallery are oratory gallery. Our songwriting gallery. Which is like a karaoke lounge is that you learn the techniques that make that song or that speech or that ad really effective and persuasive and so in our were tar gallery. We have a choice of eight speeches. Everything from fossa from the lion king to John f kennedy's inaugural address. And you know more historic speeches.

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