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One if, it wasn't for you and George my drive home at night when I get off work I would probably fall asleep in to the caller earlier. With the bird nights I- legit hope I never. Come across those things that will horrible. That sounds, absolutely hellacious. Wanting to commit suicide over that. Is that must, be pretty, bad but yeah Well I was thinking I guess sixteen my father was an air force and I. Went for a ride on his it was a. Casey ten airy feeling which is a. Tank airplane Refuel other, aircraft with and I went fly with him why guide done countless other times and we were. Lying over the ocean, at, one point we were getting ready to Refueling airplane and at that point they, over speed, warning or the aircraft that I was in started going off and over speed warning sounds like. A chicken caulking for what you? Know that you're going to fast you. Know pull back, on the power or whatever Well. Then the boom operator that sits in the belly of the plane at the rear called up to the pilot and asked. For my dad who was the crew chief to come down there but there, was an, issue and when dad got back there It was a silhouette of some kind of crap that was at the back of the airplane was wanting gas well at that time it flew under the belly of the airplane. And then why badge aircraft which is a big tanker airplanes Had a ridiculous amount of. Saint elmo's fire that just, completely attacked the whole front windshield It just lit up like a Christmas tree which when you say when you say Saint elmo's fire explained that I don't know about it it's a static discharge that happens in. Aircrafts sometimes, either after flying through a cloud and. Some kind of storm frying or even. Just in the air it's a it's a, light static discharge that, happens and this started happening happening really bad And then at that point At that point At that point like some backup to the Pawtucket With the pilot and co-pilot they started calling me because they didn't know if it was going to end up being an issue with airplane or whatever the case may be will then the. Pilots spotted the aircraft that the boom operator spotted and it comes from, underneath the belly of the plane to the front and it was right. Around the time that the sun was, going down so at the back of the plane that, was dark and at the. Front, of the plane you had the the horizon, well it was this triangle shape I don't even know what they call it but takes. Your a a billiard. Cue that has been pinched and then. The ends cutoff that's exactly what it looked like it was weird oblong triangle shape something and but it looked like it had an outer ring to it that was a triangle shape well when the fire went, away and we were able to see what it was clearly the outer, ring of the aircraft whatever it was UFO stayed horizontal and the center. Section flip the vertical straight up and down and it took off at a site never couldn't, tell you what it was. Didn't, see it anymore it just In. The blink of an. Eye gone So you know all this interference with aircraft and the scene almost fire and Speed warning and. You know all the random, pops in, crash that were going on an. Airplane we're at, ten thousand feet maybe roughly and that's a decent cruise altitude so you know there's no pressurization really to, happen for the airplane to flakes or air Popper crack or anything like that but..

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