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Up Mississippi's fallible play you'll be the line for two there is a technical foul on somebody imagine what that would be that might be nine ninety Marshall nice he was upset he didn't get the file because we recently that could be Freeman was that the line waiting to shoot his walk off the line now let's just see how this plays out I believe it will be a larger Marshall technical foul now as you drove for the left side miss the layout if you said he probably thought it was found that most of comment on that situation that'll send to the free for one free flu fever on the season including thirteen to fourteen the line with those all the way this is one for one part of that that was one for to the ball game look at the line for two shots six with senior makes a second so he goes one for two that makes it a five point lead now for the musketeers forty nine forty four with nine seventeen to go free email his sister with the free throw line now for the most but to Fremantle the ball games were four points this is his first free throw attempt with the two of three from the field free throws all the way in that is no good that rolled across the front the back back before fell off again there is a five end of the game is part of the musketeers Marshall goes to the bench the best free throws all the way from Fremantle nothing but then he goes one for Tuesday released by six fifty forty four nine seventeen bingo Dixon John to torture timeline left side of the floor picked up by more lower your bedroom behind his back between his legs I will go in the world is watching what's transpired in front of the drive by who he is found on the play according to the official who did not see it at all in my opinion that is a terrible for three men of deaconess hands up Hey what did I do Mayo replaying here on the on the scoreboard some awful call their second straight up and down the principal verticality where he went up and down it they're taught Joe winner blocking sassy go up with them they call it a Hipper where you jump straight up with them you should be able to to do that and not to call for the for the file even though the defense the office of player runs into you that's exactly what happened there the freemen are not happy about that card the first reason is the second the result is that five free throws on the way as a result is it for now those two for two for the life instant points road bridge across the time one of the pressures not real aggressive I just think is there to just eat up so far they're really not going for steals again when roles as a reliable work begins to restore gift is that free mail posted the free throw line pivot shoots of across the river it's good for Tuesday release fifty two to forty six so he's got a soft touch me now was a nice little catchy term user he's a score there's no doubt about his years of skills seven points the ball game for free mail three of four from the field to drive the motorcycle pulls up for two point jump rafia under the cap up in there rebounds gamble for picked up inside the business but it's the real pops near falls through for west it's four fifty two forty eight a passed overhead for Zach Fremantle was taken away Fremantle steals it back and say it's a possession for the musketeers with eleven to go to a really by four fifty two forty eight good good top of the key is drugs in the post the Fremantle make it part of push posible push out it's no good hits the phone room comes off we back control by cook for the bears walks across the time line the P. Mahama with rivers of the left wing hands off the west he's picked up by Paul shrug that's a mismatch size wise was a six foot a prized only travel they got a good job I post road is a mismatch Joe size wise but it will not Wes is trying to take him off the dribble on the perimeter as a vendor Joe Scruggs he can really get it to you seven forty one to go time out has been called here since I center Xavier fifty to Missouri state forty eight this is a pure basketball from where feel I am G. college on seven hundred WLW the Learfield IMG college directors co in college athletics since nineteen ninety three follow your favorite teams person for excellence the director's cut dot com USA today or L. director's Cup.

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