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Guys opportunities to do that in order to have success early and build confidence. So there's been a lot of fun. He sold. Sam joshes has been kind of doing a bunch of things kind of similar was last year. He's just kind of a Jack of all trades. I think he's got a ton of talent ability. You know, he's really one of the few guys I've been around in college football who as you can rush the passer can play coverage as a linebacker. He's he's a really talented guy. So he's he's a guy that obviously has had some success here. And hopefully, we can continue he can continue to do that. I think you will how can you build them? I just think doing what he's doing. He's the guy that stays after studies extra. There's no secret. Honestly, there's no secret to that. There's no secret formula as hard work, and you have to have guys like it's great and talented players, but you have to have guys working hard. And when people ask me what jumps out you Jones out to me. We've got guys that love football. They love working they love competing, breaking a sweat getting in there doing extra homework. Learn it from the coaches asking questions. No job's too small type guys. So that I feel like we have so many guys like that. And that's what I think is going to help him. Continue to progress as a player, and that's why I think he's a special player manager familiar with Ben Mason. He's another east coast. Absolutely. How can he do? I mean gyms in here saying he's gonna play like, you know, fifteen different positions. Yeah. He's he's. Same way. I mean, he's a he's a football. He's type of you love the coach. He just loves football. He's a great teammate. He wants to be great at whatever he does. And I think that you can find that in the way guys play specialties on special teams, you got that. Oftentimes, you have to have both skill sets. You know being offensive player with your blocking her carrying the ball in a defense player. We run down kickoff. Punt whatever it may be. So he's a guy who's LS.

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