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Where was their outrage in response to the genocide of the ro hinge of people they've suffered for years at the hands of the military. Even though they were born there. They've lived in Myanmar for generations. You mentioned on some Souci, of course, her reputation as you said, being tarnished for not responding to that oppression of the road Ninja has that affected how the rest of the world is responding. Absolutely because essentially on San Souci in order to become the day facto leader sided with a very ugly strain off nationalism on Buddhist show organism, anti Muslim show organism, A lot of Buddhist Amongst have been involved in this. Ah, lot of Burmese from me and marble tell you that you're a ginger and nothing to do with them. They're immigrants who came a zoo result of the British Empire a very long time ago. The world is a messy place. There are people who are liberal Democrats who hate a military genter. But who also racist and show Venice and I wish the world wrote were less messy place, but I think we need to fix on the fact that at least we can say with confidence that the same people Massacring the rich ginger just caused a coup and we have to try and bend or read our minds to trying to put some pressure on them. Under the theme of the world is a messy place. Meanwhile, there was a protest in Poland that also caught America's attention This week. Independent media outlets blacked out their screens and their pages on Wednesday to protest a new advertising tax, they say is an attack on press freedom. David bring us up to speed what's going on there in Poland? So Poland is one of the classic countries. You remember that solidarity protests and Lech Walesa. You know, a place where you know the Soviet yoke was thrown off. Since then, it has become one of the country's along with, say, Hungary, particularly where a liberal Democratic governments are stretching the definition of what it means to be a democracy on Lauren Justice, the very hardline very conservative ruling party since 2015 has decided in the name off funding the health system during this current covered.

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