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The eighties Here. Pure eighties by Rocco Uncut 80 track. Yeah. It is another the beginning of another fiscal year. In this July 1st now to most people That don't mean nothing. But this day means something to one. Bobby Bania Bo. As it is Bobby bony a day It is the day that Bobby Bania gets. Hopefully, I hope he still goes to the mailbox. I hope he saunters to the mailbox. In a tasteful robe, holding a mug of tea. It just goes to the mailbox, and he opens it up, and he sees Check from the New York Mets, and he goes Like clockwork, because on every July 1st Bobby Bania, and he's gotten now 11 of these $1,193,248.20 checks from the Mets. He will get That large sum of money every year on July 1st. Until 2035 Alright, 2072 will be 72 at that point. It's pretty good, Pretty good. He's got 14 more of these checks to get yo. It was all because it differed some money and he does money. Yeah, but he's getting, but he got it at an interest rate, Didn't he? Before they had he? He agreed to the buyout. Because when they went through Was that there was the Wilpons and went to the fiasco there or the palms is the one thing. Yeah, they're messing around with Madoff. Yeah, you made off yet made up And so it was. Look, we need the money to do this. I don't know what, what they needed it for what the Mets needed it for. He said. Okay, but you're gonna you're gonna hook me up on the back end like I I'll give you what you want. But I'm going to get more out of it. It's going to take me a little longer to get it a lot longer to get it, But I'm going to I'm going to keep getting it. So that was the deal because they were kind of cash strapped at the time, because the Ponzi thing So, Yeah, he made out like a bandit. I mean, he's probably still got me probably get enough anyway, but damn and 1.1 every year. Awesome. She's like. I mean, he probably like forgets after it was like, Oh, damn. It's June 30th God, just but like the the joy we feel. When we find money in pants pockets or, you know in your car, you know you lift up the center console. You're rooting around in there for something? All of a sudden, is a $20. Bill. I don't care how much money you have. There's a certain joy you feel when you find money. That's why the phrase found money is People love found money. If you forget that every July 1st you get 1,183,002 and $48.20, and you're suddenly reminded that you get that Every year and you will for another 14 years. That dude, he must not even walk on these days. He just levitates above the ground because I don't know what could make you any happier than that. Well, you know, it's funny, though. It's funny because Dennis Gilbert was his agent. He negotiated this this little arrangement. And Daryn rivals got a pretty interesting tweets is on July 1st Bobby Bunny has deferred deal with the Mets gets celebrated as the greatest deal ever. But is it if Bania had put the initial money? In the average S and P 500 fund and got the average return, he would have made nine million more than he has today. Now it's like Shut up. You want to get away with doing buzzkill? Well, that's that's assuming forget that guy. It's not about making money is the fact that this guy is going to get $1.1 million until he's 72 years old court literally doing nothing does reveal have to pee in the Cheerios all the time. What he means by that. It's just that I don't care. What do you mean, if you had invested it? Smartly. Your money up front is probably a better deal than his 1.193. But you know what? What are than investigate? Smart setup is having somebody mail you a check first. Or why are you money on July 1st that totals one point 1,193,000 Ternate for $48.20. You know how to put the contract would have said they're going to. They're going to bring me over a big check like a big game show check. Every year. Just make a spectacle out of it. Yeah, just like why not as checked Big gas prices, right? You know what, even better even better if they're playing At Citi Field on July 1st. They got to give it to him on the field before the game before first pitch. Oh, that'd be nice like it re carpet ceremony. Dancing girls and Mr Met has to hand him the oversized check with his oversized hands. So he's his deal guaranteed him 8% interest. He deferred 5.9 million He will wind up for that. Getting 29.8 million off of what? So contrary with Darren Rovell said it worked out pretty good for well, No, he turned rebel, just saying he could have made more. The bottom line is that you have that kind of scratch. You can make big money, but Yeah, I mean, think about it, 5.9, and you turned it into 30 mil. And when the Who do you know they would have 5.9 million. And just let it sit somewhere for 30 years and not touch a cent of it This way. You can't touch it because you don't get it until the next year. That's the best part about yourself. Just like you won the lottery. A rich guy won the lottery. Yep. Exactly. Oh, no, It's getting a lot of money. It's more get more. You know, You don't know what you're gonna invest in. Athletes invest in all kinds of things, restaurants and all kinds of failed ventures, and they they lose huge sums of money. This just guarantees that you invested in something that was going to be a winner. And yeah, you could rebels right? He could have one more. But Bernie A was smart in that he basically he won You just want to win? Yeah. Careful, 30. You've won be careful about gone. The Mets a winner. I don't know if to be best Winter literally only done that once He's getting money every single year, though. That's the best actually got money from the words like five years after I retired there, The check wasn't nearly as much as this one at all. Then I didn't get it. Every year I got to like every year is like a regular paycheck like every two weeks because that was the That was the deal. Why don't get anymore Wouldn't like. I gotta interest. I just got what was old to me? No, I'm it was still pretty cool, though. I know. I know. I know. That's why you're laughing. But it was nice every two weeks to go out there. Go. I don't even play for these jokers anymore. Nice. Thanks a lot. I appreciate that. That was nice. I did appreciate. I mean, it wasn't It was a pittance compared to that, but it was so nice in it. Look any time. You gonna check? And you feel like you didn't work for it like you already did. You already worked for it. Like I earned that money. Residual checking? Yeah, but I was Sugar Ray Leonard. You got like a result wasn't earning it at the time that the dad, Dad, my earning part was over. Like I have done all the work and everything. And now I was getting the money. It was like, Oh, man, That was a sad day. I was in mourning last stop doesn't Oh, man. I'm off the door. Last damn shack. It's really sucks. And it was even more fun too, because I knew they had to pay me like God Dang, we're still paying. This guy didn't check Do you think they're still paying people that are no longer there? Are they? Have They clean that out the words. Yeah, Probably. They're not still paying. Terry Cummings are there. You know, Chris Mills probably has three more years left. He had the most ugly. Nice contract to think Ontario coming Still driving. That's the Chris Porter. Corey McGeady, Are they? Yeah. Oh, man, Uh, Bobby Sura is still drawing a paycheck from the Golden State Warriors. Somebody in accounting needs to be alert to better. Yeah. Who's this? Dude? I don't even know this dude. Is the inner team. Yeah, like there's a zarco Chip Arequipa, who is getting 500 grand? What It looks this Is this a real person by more white belt cigarettes, and I hopes for him, man. Oh, cigarettes. I was all in on Zarco, Man. I saw the genius in his game. Oh, yeah, he a game. Alright. Game game. He had hood of the car game. Um you know what kids Guy star coach Remarkable. And just be a drench doing Google image search for that. And, um Yeah. Okay. Well, you know, we should ask Larry Bear if the Giants are deferred paying anybody If you'll appreciate that kind of question, Probably not, uh, Larry Baer joining us next Giants baseball on the air, hoping to get right against the very wrong Arizona Diamondbacks, one of four 5 40 here on KNBR, the sports leader he gave me on K NPR one. Oh 45 and 68, ft Sports leader High The beauty of baseball is the.

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