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Gimme gimme something. He's a chips chips? No, he's chips. He's no, he's Gigi chips, chips, chips, ally. What does that mean? Mitt is bad. Okay. Okay. He's chips away discount. Not not his fault. He, he needs some receiving health. The ravens just won't go out and get. That's that's gonna be the excuse for Joe flacco for his entire career. Okay. She he doesn't have receivers. He does still look. And Willie Snead and John Brown still the the jury's out on those guys right now. Okay. So then how about discuss my Bengals to win the AFC north? They look pretty I, here's the thing. I don't think they're gonna win the AFC north. I think that's Brown baby, but I think that Marvin Lewis probably just earn himself a lifetime extension, its head coach for starting to know. Here's the thing they're owners going to see that staff that came out that said, I, your head coaches went, oh and seven in week one, and he's like, I'm never going to coach that risk. Never do that to Marvin Lewis. You're signed up for life. You know, I'm gonna give some credit to Marvin Lewis here at the end of the game. If like when the ravens were down eight and Joe flacco was about to make his drive where he just gets bunch of pass interference in walks down the field. Marvin Lewis is like, you know what? Let me try something a little different instead of just going in a soft zone and not letting him beat us. Deep later, I'm gonna blitz may own attack them, and I don't think I've ever seen that from our. Louis where he's like, hey, I'm not gonna lose this game. I'm gonna try to win it. Yeah, so credit to him credit to Andy Dolan. Krit AJ green that rock and refuel. He was ready to go. Turns out it works. Yeah. How many touchdowns you have three. Three first half? Yeah, pretty good. But the real story of the game, there's two real stories of the game. Nokkala rush is like, I didn't realize how much color rush meant to me as a human being until today tonight because I think thurs- last Thursday, I was like, whatever football's back. The game just looked slower. It looks different. It looks awkward were big, color, rush guys, like I need something that's a bright color on the field. Right. I don't care if it's if it's the uniforms or if it's the green zone, that's the thing is like pick one or the other, whether gimme the green zone or gimme Colorado. Right? You can't take them all the way from you all at once. That's a bunch of bullshit. Next week, I know that the Browns are wearing to call a rush jerseys..

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