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Uh-huh. This is the mid east peace podcast. I am your host Molly Livingstone, and it is the summertime, which means we are on hiatus. I don't know about you. I'm definitely out in the Mideast son getting burned. We don't only have the podcast where you can hear me. It's also important that you check out all the satirical hilarious articles at the mid east dot com. You can find us on Facebook, of course, if you want a scribe, you definitely should. We all need a little summer cheer, you know, with the sun, we just need that boost of joy. And that's where you're gonna find it in anything satirical and funny. So while you're doing whatever it is you're doing, why not listen to a podcast? Yep. It's an oldie, but a goody with Rudy Rochman, founder and president of the Columbia University chapter of students supporting Israel who shares why he thinks beady s. is just be s it's awesome. Interview guy couldn't handle some of my jokes. You wanna. Listen, just listen, just listen. This is the mid east east podcast. I'm your host here and Israel Molly Livingstone attempting to be funny and on the other side of the pond we have Alex Giles. Hello, Alex, always funny. Hello, happy birthday. Forget today. Gosh, thank you so much. It's so nice that people remember I'm dying just went take closer. Facebook is forest for one of these things. Otherwise, I hate that. I hate that people right, happy birthday as though it's anything but genuine speaking of genuine people. Let's get right down to the nitty gritty of this week's news topics from the mid east. Of course, the big Ramadan of starving yourself for a month is finally over and that means that there's a long celebration of eating and charity at the end of that. But one person wasn't happy to do either. Who was that good sir? You could have guess. But also save everybody telling me President Trump. Congratulations if you guessed that. Well, so as reported on the Mideast Trump on aid, that is the holiday dinner. I'm only going if there's catch up and I wanna put aside note that he would never have Heinz ketchup because we all know that that would be part of eating his sworn enemies catch-up John Kerry whose wife Jeevan mazing Lee rich as well. It was crazy rich, which was like, that's why John Carey married her. The only reason, but it's. Yeah, it's not a bad reason also. She has nice boobs. No, I have no idea. I've never looked 'cause I've been eating her delicious ketchup, but apparently Trump said he's only going if there is catch-up. Rumor had it. We'll left the room in the with reading on no saying it's a real thing. Yeah. Like CNN we're just fake news. So. For that. It can be the relation. I can come up with a bit worried, but Middle Eastern cuisine, which is delicious. The guy doesn't HAMAs who the hell doesn't like us. Everyone. Right? So it's interesting that you say that because I think part of why he might not like homos is because he can't say it right. Obviously, Trump would be very offended if anyone dare try to correct him. We know that we had a stint where there was a confusion of homos and HAMAs HAMAs obviously being a terrorist organization and homeless being delicious. Treat that you can put on basically anything should things confused because that would be that would be a leash progams. And yet with Trump, I think it's more offensive that he could say homeless wrong as opposed to a terrorist organization that just seeks to murder and kill even its own people. Moley. Why do you think the Trump administration keeps making these seemingly simple mistakes, the coast, anything to do the dinner. It's been going for twenty years. I think nineteen ninety exactly. And that's real. That's like legit. The truth. Was the real thing. Yeah. Yeah. It was totally reported by other fake news like CNN BBC that, yes, for twenty years. They've had this dinner since Bill Clinton. Obviously, you gotta bring a liberal romance. Jolt Bush junior, did it will through from his is right? And he choked on a pretzel and he was still willing to do for the team. Yeah, no is willing to know choked on him. So again, another reasonable is delicious and safe. And I think probably Bill Clinton started this whole thing because for him the idea of having more than one woman you're in your life, you know, obviously resonated and he's like, well, if I can do that part of custom and surely I can eat their food and enjoy charity and eating at the same time. Very Jewish. So you're asking me, I digress. You asked, why do they keep doing these focus. All being deliberately combative, all they play into that base says, you shouldn't do anything that that sniffs oath multi-culturalism or all just, you know, the State Department and the departments just really understaffed and Neville city. Things like this could be easy to organize human, just no complicated full through the gaps. So I'm not sure if it was really any of the above the years enchant. I mean, he did make a little cutesy video or statement, right? I think he did both little video like, hey, what's up to all the? I think he says m word because he doesn't wanna say the bad word Muslims. And then he said, I hope you've is, you know, stop starving and have a good time. I'm paraphrasing. Obviously. And then he, he had his wife like blow kiss to the camera, and it was nice. You know, cute little video. Then he tweeted something else. And then he made a statement they just may be genuinely, don't care. I don't be more of a reason not to do it. Just not caring. What are your thoughts? I mean. Relevant. I think that they also have a base the thirty eight or thirty nine percent people still the proof of him who all I'm gonna make a wild assumption. Wouldn't think this was a good idea to have this type of dinner would think that was desperately on American do that purely party political point of view and supporting his base. It makes perfect sense for not to do it and all doing it from his base political point of view is a good thing and bearing on this is going that yesterday had I eventually a big dinner at his hotel in Washington to the fundraising dinner for trauma NT twenty. Anyway, there was a lots of ketchup provided that meal. I would like to know I don't know what the menu for that we haven't looked. I mean, we know you'll save philately kebabs all day long, but I'm gonna guess it wasn't. Yeah, I definitely think it was more like, I don't know if he calls them American fries. Freedom fries. You know, God forbid, we will call them French fries. That's another big. No, no, certainly I can imagine a lot of catch up. You know, for him probably catch up. It has a deeper meaning. It looks like blood. He's always out for blood. It really is a poetic. If there's no catch up. It has that you know of larger sense of the word. But I think a good point to bring up also is that Jared is technically right, has son-in-law in charge of the Middle East relations bringing peace to the region, what he's gonna. Paul second amongst the other jobs the today when he's not like out hunting and shooting. But I think that he could have had this opportunity of like, let's to eat like Trump style, right. Look, I think the. Trump's had a good time in Saudi Arabia. Those are like some fancy Arabs over there. They got plenty of money. Cold in the catch up. So I think he should have thought about it on that playing field. And then that could have opened it up. Maybe he thought it was going to be more of like I dunno, McDonald's style kind of rundown of affair. Obviously, if it was Jewish, it would have been buffet. All you can eat, although then you have to fight Jews whatever foods on the table because it's holocaust feeding, but I think that, yeah, I think next year if he's actually paused because imagining him still being an office still being in America. I don't know if like America will just break apart, much like Brexit is doing it to Europe or at least to England. If he's there next year, I think not only should he do eat, but he might wanna consider like a Ramadan diet. Just a way to connect away to keep off the carbs. I think it's not a bad plan x. loop point you should make that to him on like that could possibly help. Law could plant if only someone worked over there, we could actually share ideas with them, but we could pro course Email the White House. I'm sure I'm sure Email tweet it up. Tweet tweet from mid-east species. We can tweet to Trump suggested, put it out on the table. Like what I did table. Okay. So I think we should end it on that high note. That's great. Ramadan, diet, twenty eighteen Trump's all about. It will get to cover it a year from now and talk about how good he looks and how much homos eating. I mean, obviously at the end of every night because you would starve during the day, of course you can share everything follow us on Facebook at the Mideast online on our website, the Mideast peace dot com. And as I mentioned before on Twitter, Midi species, Alex, always a pleasure ritual. Never chore like making an aide dinner. And I want to say that coming up next in the second half, we are going to be talking with Rudy Rochman who is a senior at Columbia University. One of the most contentious campuses when it comes to Israel Palestinian relations anti Israel, Jewish Muslim everything, and he's going to give us an inside look. Look at the good, the bad and the ugly stick with us here, committees fees. We

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