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I'm Jamie west with three things you need to know right now at ten month old baby boy remains in critical condition after being pulled from a pool in Buckeye yesterday afternoon. It happened at a home near Miller and southern the death toll from hurricane Michael has climbed to at least twenty six including sixteen in Florida. One person remains missing and hard hit Mexico beach valley. Police gearing up for President Trump's visit to Mesa and to Luke air force base later this week here. What miracle the county? Sheriff Paul Penzone says about the security measures when KTAR Jim cross joins us at five thirty. You're never more than fifteen minutes away. From today's top stories on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. KTAR in-depth. Wow. That story that you had it near the top of the hour. Here we had about this Murphy elementary school district where kids it appears may have been exposed to black mold in all four of the schools in that district and also wants school. A couple of kids have been bitten by rats. Unbelievable. So this this guy, Ryan Anderson. We don't want to blame him. We don't wanna get mad at him. And we don't want to get mad at at who he represents which is the receiver of the Murphy elementary school district. So there are third party that stepped in after the school district was taken over by the state board of education for you know, for really financial reasons. Okay. And then this this Simon consulting which stepped in found that there's some problems, and it's all came out in a report that just came out a few days ago. Here is Ryan Anderson who is the attorney for this Simon consulting the receiver not not the school district themselves. Okay. The ones that let things get this bad the staff disclosed in a meeting in July twenty eighteen that there was a mold concern. And so the receiver immediately approved testing for the classrooms. And and we'll be doing. Awaiting essentially, remediate or a report so all four although schools in the district, they found at least staff reported, they what they believed to have been black mole. But I think the really scary one is that maybe a couple of kids were bitten at these schools by rats. Once again, Ryan Anderson who is the attorney for the receiver of the Murphy elementary school district to an incident that occurred a year before the receivership. Which is where they may have been bitten by rodents that were at the school, again if that into that that information was communicated to the receiver upon his appointment in early July of twenty. All right. So. So when they say rodents, by the way in this this talk, I get it when they say rodents. I don't think they're referring to like the little class hamster, Jamie. I don't think they're referring to the little gerbils over there. You know? This is rodents that were roaming the school freely as in our ATS rats. Well, and you know, I get these school districts are the really are the smallest form of government that we have right? I mean, these these are these the school board that gets elected there. I would say HOA's, but HOA's are you know, they're regulated. But they're not actually a governmental agency. That's true. You know? So so this to me, and they could lift something like this. You know? So in other words, yours close to your constituents as you could possibly be. I mean, you you maybe your even your own kids go to these schools if you're sit on on the school board. How can you let things get this bad? This is this is a mom who has five kids enrolled in the district. Rod Reta chambers is her name talking to our ABC fifteen television partner. I want them to have better accommodations if I'm sending them to school every day on my part in. I would want the district to do their part. Yeah. You soon. They're getting your tax dollars that they're spending that money, right? Wow. So I don't know maybe the maybe the teachers in that school district are going to get the raise. It's the most teachers are supposed to beginning because they're going to have to do it. They're going to use that money to deal with black mold and rats, by the way, they said the receiver, by the way already brought in pest control..

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