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Jeb zigzags to center drops it off Yanni gourd. The mental Johnson breathable on an atom Ernie Els to the right circle direct across ice. It's gonna come to Yanni. Gord left point right point circuit Jeb Tyler Johnson. Doc research have right point LaPointe gourd feed. Caloric left circle. Point sergeant Jeff right circle. Johnson. Thirty three in the penalty corner, Ernie Johnson right circle ending on the perimeter right now. Centerpoint Sergei Sergeyev straddling that line. Does hold it. In sweep for anybody that it's going to let it roll back to Gord right point little paths for coroners walking cleared all done right there by. Potato down the only for the ice. Now. A lot of activity for the lightning in his power play. Final rest surrogate. Jabba the middle at center ice couldn't get past. That komo's Joe Hanson shorthanded across the one at home, right circle. Joe Hansen shoots wide right penalties. Now up Matthew, Joseph blocks, the puck very quiet powerplay for the lightning there. Oh for one Joseph left side. Anthony, sir Elliott center for Joseph chops it in. Here's echo behind the national naked in check by Joseph a steel right corner. Matthew Joseph y'all pop it back toward the right point and went up in Nashville stick into flex into the predators. Bench. Seventeen o one left any scoreless. First lightning over one on the power play. The lightning have scored seven goals on the power play in their last two games. But unable to really get a shot off on that one. Their best. Looks kinda came from the second power play unit moving around the perimeter. Really? Well. A nice job by the predators. To kind of keep them contained and not allow anything coming up the middle. Anthony Sorolla thrown out of the draw against terrorists or Joseph will take it. Joseph wins it. There's braiding Coburn sweeping it in Green Bay leaves it. Find his own for the predators. Captain stutter steps out to center ice left wing. Hartman middle tourist three on three to the red line. Punches it in over in the retrieval lightning park. Mourner a.

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