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We're going to we're going to we were going to have Jaycox with at smithfield north. Carolina. He was going to talk about this week's. COMP CAM shakedown nationals presented by fuel tech. Can you really that that? Because it's See Screen. It's flying by me, right? Yeah. But. We're going to we're GONNA switch it up a little bit. We're going to have tyler across. No. Yeah. He is the vice president of Virginia motorsports Park. And I just got Tommy. Franklin Oh. Yeah. Remember we said we needed to talk to him a little bit more because. We never even scratched the surface about his racing. Yup, really didn't so so we'll have him back on and we have met in Mills Okay Matt Mills from Lynchburg Virginia who who races, the number five in the in the aforementioned xfinity series who just raised here at Richmond raceway and he picked up a couple of a great finishes. So we thought that we would have him on and talk to him about it and I have no idea that he was from Lynchburg Virginia. I. Mean How many? Let's just point out we got Brandon Brown. We Have Matt Mills. We have Burton Jeb Burton. We have. Harrison. I'm just saying I know. I know he lives in. Once removed. We got. Quinn Half Quinn Hav. Yeah. How how? Yeah how? And by the way and Denny, Hamlin. I gotta say this because I know you listen to them to door. Clear. From dirty MO- media is. The sponsor spotters that that come on and talk in fact that I'm we're GONNA. Call Frank Denny? For two things his racing career and his mentorship of a lot of drivers here in the state of Virginia and also he is he is a spotter Ohio yeah, for WHO Else so let's Let's get this this ticket this party rolling. Should we do tissue? Should we do Tyler Tommy I? Let's see Taller I. That wouldn't get all the Info but do you think? Yeah let's let's let's talk about the. What's the name of the racy and you remember come on? Yeah it's the COMP cams. How? Meaning, no, you know better tyler we need to give you at least a some kind of intro. Guided man is right. It's race week every week for you guys how many cups of coffee? Him already. Monday on rate we gotta be. They go look I told Tyler last night I said man, you gotTa bring a game. Sounds like. Remember last. One after your interview last week, we got off after the show and we go me maybe we need to do a segment with tyler on a regular basis. Hey. Let's do it bad. I told you. He would do it. Yeah. Yeah. So all right..

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