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Eight get a fifty nine dollar precision furnace tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight Mike C. price again whether on the aids and when it breaks we will start off on the capital beltway just getting off of the phone with Maryland state highway who can who tells us a single right lane is getting by were watching the camera no one has moved they may be diverting you behind a coastal road it is unclear we can't get correct information on the scene if you're seeing can help us eight six six three zero four W. T. O. P. all we can tell is that cars are able to get back on the beltway from Georgia Avenue Dan this is an outer loop crash folks had been sitting still at twenty nine we see you sitting there and traffic at before Georgia Avenue we're told a single right lane is getting by and I can tell you visually that is not the case the better news on the belt way if you go the opposite way on the interlude planning on your destination and as wide open nothing else in your way it's still a quiet Sunday morning the ICC going westbound is not a good alternative is closed between Lee hill road and Georgia Avenue they're working on the toll gantries and they have a detour posted ninety five in Maryland but what about we doing okay they've lifted the work fifty at the Chesapeake Bay bridge to the west bound has two lanes now getting by the long term works on eastbound following your signals the bottom line no delays between Queenstown and the beltway on the Virginia side it's the inner loop of the beltway as your traveling to talk little river turnpike exit fifty two that service road ramp is closed there is a crash we have an accident reported on fifteen near masons lane watch for possible police direction there on the interleukin the belt way back in Maryland there's a new crash to go east bound fifty John Hanson highway you're staying to the left to get by again the outer loop of the beltway twenty nine Colesville road roadwatch for police direction and with an Allstate agent you can get a local expert to help finding the best coverage for you plus you bundle your home and auto you can save call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands managed to pump the WCB traffic as the sun comes up on our Sunday let's get your storm team four four day forecast from clay Anderson good morning everyone son officially rises at six five zero six fifty today and we will enjoy plenty of sunshine to go around as we close out the weekend cold start particularly north and west of the district but temperatures will rise into the mid to upper.

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