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Knowing that. It's going automated back to that. But i'm not going there and i don't know that situation and if you give him twenty five million which you're going to me receiver to wait a minute. You giving him twenty. The new one has been here for the last six years putting in work. Okay i need to get my money all right so you like the patriots and i like i like the patriots south. I love oakland. Vegas vegas i love vegas opportunity. They don't have a big. They don't have a traditional x receiver. Backside guy for dictates the coverage. They don't have a guy. Julio will look mean in that raiders uniform. They don't have you mean got henry ruggs black. They got the humphry. Not humphries the kid from clemson will slot. Can't take his name on top of my head. But they got him nelson left right williams. I think they cut him. Renfro humphries and went renfro sound very similar. No saint type clear. I'm just going to be honest with you. i'm not going. I receiver. I know what you're trying to do. Cole beasley any element. i got it. I understand what you're doing. But that makes sense. San francisco make sense. I don't know that they have the assets to give up familiarity. They got they got depot. Sammy but you add him with jimmy. Garoppolo trae lands be nice. Baltimore obviously is kinda clear cut. But i've revisit. They drafted a guy. They sent me walk ins and they got hollywood brown. I don't know if there's room for julio two week and next week as diane rossini's reporting you going back to see some things going down in the first round pick could be involved in that. Let's get back into the nba conversation. Derek harper a legend. Even here in new york especially here in new york Played for the knicks also mavericks mavericks tv analysts joins us right now on the goodyear hotline and first of all great to talk to you. Good morning thanks for joining us. And you know. We've we've talked a lot about luca and what we've seen so far from him in this series and you see him on a daily basis there in dallas. He has become that player. That jay will believes is soon going to be the face of the league. What what is it about him that you see this year and even in this series that seeing him taking it yet to another level i agree with j will Good morning first of all to the key to j. dr I agree with jake. And what i see is a guy that plays his best against the best players in the nba. The night out. I keep hearing people say. They need to put on luca collided. Wanna see luke. And i have a lot of respect for while but can't stop it. I mean i've seen a look at forty. Two point triple doubles against allies deepest. And why they saw the defender. But lucas keeps people off balance so much. He's not the quickest guy in the world and stop the fastest guy but he plays that a real unique pace that really gives any kind of defense problems and then he has so much size and so much strength when he just in the lanes. Virtually unstoppable so i. I don't think anybody could stop Other than lucrative. I think sometimes his shot selection. You can question. But i'm white with jay will. He's at the top of of the league right now. I think he's top five player right now and we'll certainly soon be the pace of leap. I agree with you. D harp at you know a lot of times you know. The conversation goes with players. Like this. you know kane mark. Cuban company surround him with enough talent for him to win in dallas. How far is this dallas mavericks team away from winning a world championship you. I think they're a rasheed. Wallace of dennis rodman away. Jay is what. I think. I think they need a guy that doesn't concern himself with shots. What a guy that can kind of police the paint with the physicality that That lends itself to the playoffs. If you understand where. I'm coming from a dirty word kind of a guy and you know dwight pol not quite that guy really solid and what his role is. But he's not quite that guy Willie palestine is a good player. But he's not that guy either but a very physical player. I mean i. I like the mix of this team. This team believes in each other. They're selfless they played with each other. So they're not a lot of holes in this team other than in maturity they're very young team as you can see From time to time but all in all. This team is extremely solid as a team. I agree There was another situation that happen last night. During the washington wizards philadelphia seventy sixers game where fan poured popcorn on russell. Westbrook what. What's your whole take on that situation. D harper how. You know the fact that that happened fans actually. We were reading something to replies this morning. We're fans like oh. Don't be soft. Just popcorn literally had key alan i. We were living this morning. Yeah i'm limited to. I mean i just think that a lot of fans be as they start to think that they own you as a as a professional athlete. I think there's a line that you can cost and what happened. The russ last night was certainly a line. That was crossed. And you're not allowed to react the way you really want to react to something. I mean people pay their money to come see basketball football seat bits but that doesn't give them the the right to To do something like that. I mean. I think they're both telling what would have done if somebody did that to him and he was close enough to to take care of the situation already know d- heart stopping has to something has to be done is all. I can say medicine to get it to me. I know i'm going to have a lot of beef with it. And i'm going to try to correct the person however by any means necessary and then when you do that then you're you're overreacting and you're the problem and those kind of things so it's a frustrating thing. The league has to do something about it. No no no doubt about it. I mean there are million security guys around every single night right so they have to do a better job. Derek harper joining us. On the goodyear hotline. Did you ever have that experience as a player in your time that that ever anything like that happen with you or even a teammate of yours. No i've never experienced it. The only thing. I've ever experienced a young kid telling me that he paid my salary was. They can still be a hat too. I was rushing back to get ready for the team meeting. And he told me. I had to sign his autograph. Because we pay yourself. That's as far as he's ever gone to me. I can't repeat what i said but Like i said it's gone too far up fortunately for me. I haven't had the experience. But i couldn't imagine what it would feel like under those circumstances. Yeah so you. We have dallas mavericks and the clippers. Now game three. This series goes back to dallas. Are they almost at full capacity there in that arena thousand fans. Yeah the. I don't know if you've you saw last night's game at the garden fifteen thousand you know what that building sounds like when it's full. It was pretty loud last night..

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